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Daniella Westbrook sembra quasi irriconoscibile dopo la trasformazione dei capelli

DANNIELLA Westbrook looked almost unrecognisable as she showed off her brand new hairdo.

L'attrice, 48, wowed after a major glow up as she visited the posh Nobu Hotel, Londra.

Danniella Westbrook showed off her glamorous new look last night

Danniella Westbrook showed off her glamorous new look last nightCredito: Daddy The Agency
Her stylist flew in to London especially to give her a makeover

Her stylist flew in to London especially to give her a makeoverCredito: Daddy The Agency
Danniella's hair was shorter and darker before

Danniella’s hair was shorter and darker beforeCredito: Getty
The process was lengthy but worth it

The process was lengthy but worth itCredito: Daddy The Agency

Former EastEnders star Danniella showcased her fresh blonde colour and extensions as she walked alongside hairstylist Tom from Milano Hair and Beauty.

She complemented her new style with a chic all black outfit.

Una fonte ha detto: “Danniella’s stylist flew into London from Northern Ireland just to do her hair.

He did an amazing job and La figlia adolescente di DANNIELLA Westbrook è stata avvistata quasi identica al personaggio di EastEnders di sua madre in un nuovo scatto is feeling confident and glowing more than ever after her makeover. “

It comes weeks after we revealed Danniella is in talks for a huge six-figure deal about a drug documentary.

Il 48-anni has been very open and honest about her struggle with addiction negli anni.

Danniella took her first line of cocaine at 14 and is thought to have blown £250,000 on drugs.

She abused the substance so badly that her septumthe cartilage that separates the two nostrilsfell out, and she has had multiple surgeries to correct it.

Now the actress is in talks to share her story in an upcoming documentary.

Una fonte ha detto: “Danniella Westbrook’s agents are currently in negotiations to commission Danniella her own TV show.

They are speaking to a major UK broadcaster. The show is a documentary style series that will take a look at Danniella’s life and delve into the biggest battles she has conquered, as well as exploring major issues in the world that are affecting thousands of people everyday.

The documentary will show how Danniella overcame addiction and rebuilt her family relationships.

Fans will get a chance to see a different side to Danniella.

Danniella is excited for this potential new chapter of her career. Negotiations are currently taking place and some big offers have been made.

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The commissioning of the show could be worth around half a million pounds.”

When The Sun approached Danniella’s agent, they declined to comment.

Danniella inside the Nobu Hotel

Danniella inside the Nobu HotelCredito: Daddy The Agency
Danniella back in her EastEnders days

Danniella back in her EastEnders daysCredito: PAPÀ:Associazione della stampa