親愛なるDEIDRE: I WROTE to you last year after my mum had a stroke.

The doctors had told us she was paralysed and severely brain damaged. They said she would never recover.

I miss my mum so much and am struggling to cope

I miss my mum so much and am struggling to cope

But your kind response gave me so much strength and it helped me carry on for the past few months. そう, ありがとうございました.

驚くほど, Mum battled hard. She managed to move her arms and even got her speech back.

She was still there and those weeks with her were so precious.

Sadly Mum died in March. She got a chest infection, which developed into pneumonia. She was only 53.

I’m her youngest child, her 29-year-old daughter. I was with her to the end, although I couldn’t watch her take her last breaths.

I didn’t want to have those images as my last memories of her.

Now I feel so lost. I miss her so much and am struggling to cope.

She was taken from us far too young.




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DEIDRESAYS: Your mum sounds like a formidable lady and you have every right to feel very proud of her.

I’m sorry your mum died so young. Give yourself time. She has only just passed and no one can rush the grieving process.

Read my Bereavement support pack, which explains the stages we go through as we grieve. I hope it will be of use.

Bereavement counselling would also help you. Get in touch with Cruse (, 0808 808 1677).

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