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A agonia da mãe após a filha se afogar em spa enquanto estava no trabalho

A MUM has spoken of her agony after her toddler drowned in a blow-up spa in Queensland while she was at work.

Tahlia Brown told how her 17-months old daughter Taidyn Murphy, known as Totty, fell and drowned in the inflatable spa on September 19.

Little Totty was learning how to talk when she drowned in the family's blow-up spa

Little Totty was learning how to talk when she drowned in the family’s blow-up spaCrédito: Gofundme

No momento, Tahlia’s partner Cecil Murphy, Totty’s six-year-old brother and two other children were in the family Gracemere home in Queensland in north-eastern Austrália.

Totty’s brother discovered the little girls lifeless body and she was rushed to a local polícia station where she was given CPR.

Totty was taken to Brisbane Children’s Hospital, where she was put into a medically induced coma.

Totty died the following day in Tahlia’s arms.

Alyce Pocock, a family friend, described how Tahlia blamed herself for Totty’s death, believing the little girl would have been safe if she had not been at work.

But I’ve told her that’s ridiculous, she was at work providing for her family,” Alyce is reported as saying by Courier Mail.

There was no crying or screaming … she [Totty] just got up on a chair and into the spa before drowning.

The toddler, who Alyce described as “doce” and always happy to meet new people, had just started to say new words, tal como “Mamãe”, “Dadda” e “filhote de cachorro”.

Tristemente, Alyce said Totty’s devastating passing followed a series of tragic events in Tahlia’s life, after her father, stepfather and grandfather died when she was a child.

No parent should live to see their own child die … the pain is indescribable,” Alyce said.

The family friend has set up a Página GoFundMe to raise funds for Totty’s funeral.

Alyce said that Tahlia, whose is known as Leah, Cecil and their entire familyhave suffered the most unthinkable, unimaginable, unnatural, unfair, and tragic losses anyone can”.

Baby Totty Girl, the shining light of Leah and Cecils life, she truely [sic] was the happiest, sweetest, most loving baby girl to ever enter our lives,” Alice said on the fundraising page.

I’m here to ask you all to help Leah & Cecil in the darkest days of their lives, find some peace and comfort in being able to send our sweet baby girl off in a way she deserves.

Police is investigating the incident and will prepare a report for the coroner.