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My wife is jealous and binned a photo album of my ex

DEAR DEIDRE: DISCOVERING my wife has binned a photo album of mine that was full of happy memories with an ex feels like the end for our relationship .

We have been married for eight years. Eu estou 36 and she’s 37.

My wife is jealous and binned a photo album of my ex
My wife is jealous and binned a photo album of my ex

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The past few of years I’ve felt ignored and our sex life has gone down the pan.

I’ll admit my mind has wandered back to my ex and I’ve started to wonder if I made the right choice.

I look at her social media accounts.

It’s torture as she is gorgeous and single.

I think my wife binned the photos out of jealousy.

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DEIDRE DIZ: Time will dull the memory, but there must have been good reasons why you finished with your ex.

Everyone can present a positive version of themselves on social media.

Your wife will know your relationship is suffering and may feel insecure.

She should not have destroyed your album, but talk to her honestly about how disconnected you feel.

Ask her to think about ways you can improve your relationship.