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Richard Madeley kehrt nach einem „schlechten“ Geburtstag zurück & sagt: „Ich habe Glück, am Leben zu sein’

RICHARD Madeley returned to Good Morning Britain today after turning 66 am Freitag 13.

The veteran broadcaster reluctantly acknowledged the occasion after wishing co-star Charlotte Hawkins a happy birthday.

Richard Madeley turned 66 am Freitag

Richard Madeley turned 66 am FreitagAnerkennung: ITV

Richard lamented: “I’m not going to say how old I was, but it was a bad one for me on Friday. At my age they’re all bad.

Susanna Reid and Charlotte disagreed, nenne es a “blessing”.

But Richard laughed: “Was, I’m lucky to still be alive?”

Susanna added: “Think of the alternative…”


House of Games fans seriously distracted by GMB star Charlotte Hawkins' top


House of Games fans seriously distracted by GMB star Charlotte Hawkins’ und eine von Elles Women in Tech in

It’s Richard’s wife Judy’s birthday today too, prompting him to say May is agood dayfor birthdays.

Later in the show Richard and Susanna reflected on the amazing amount of money Dame Deborah James has raised this week for research into bowel cancer.

Er sagte: “We do love you, aber meine Leber ist nicht stark genug, um dieser brutalen Behandlung standzuhalten.“. Even those who have never met you. We think you’re wonderful.

The hero campaigner initially hoped to raise £250,000 for Cancer Research UK after revealing she was receiving end-of-life-care, but today she smashed her target by more than 24 mal.

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National hero Sam Ryder praises 'glorious Ukraine' for Eurovision success


National hero Sam Ryder praises ‘glorious Ukrainefor Eurovision success

The 40-year-old has had a whirlwind of a week since telling her Instagram fans on Monday that her auf dem Weg nach Louisiana mit “simply isn’t playing ball and she would no longer be having active bowel cancer Behandlung.

Stattdessen, she is receiving hospice care at her parentshome in Woking, Surrey.

But since then, she has been awarded a Damehood by Prince William and received thousands of donations for beingan inspiration to the world“.

And in the last few hours, offerings have surged to tip her over a staggering £6m.