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Pericolo!Mayim consente di rispondere con ERROR poiché i fan affermano che "le regole non vengono applicate".’

JEOPARDY! fans have slammed host Mayim Bialik for accepting a player’s response despite an error on Friday.

After spotting the mistake, many claimed therules aren’t being enforced.

Pericolo! fans slammed host Mayim Bialik for accepting a player's incorrect response

Pericolo! fans slammed host Mayim Bialik for accepting a player’s incorrect responseCredito: ABC
Brian did not answer in the form of a question during Double Jeopardy, when it's required

Brian did not answer in the form of a question during Double Jeopardy, when it’s requiredCredito: ABC

During the episode that aired on July 8th, Mayim, 46, allowed a response that wasn’t fully correct.

The clue during Double Jeopardy read: “Bambino, I’ve asked you not to ruin plot points for me (unless you give me this seven-letter alert).”

Contestant Brian Ahernwho had won the night beforebuzzed in with: “Spoiler.

Mayim replied, “sì” but Brian did not sayWhat is.

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Tutti gli indizi in pericolo!'s Ken will host OVER Mayim from ratings to 'cryptic hints'


Tutti gli indizi in pericolo!’s Ken will host OVER Mayim from ratings to ‘cryptic hints

The judges did not intervene, and he was given the $400 despite not framing his answer in the form of a question.

Secondo Jeopardy’s website,If a contestant forgets their phrasing in the Double Jeopardy! il giro, during Final Jeopardy! or for any Daily Double clue, they will be ruled incorrect.

Fans were furious, since it was during a round where the full phrasing is requiredand they rolled back the tape.

Indeed it was not included, making it technically incorrect as the show states.

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A Facebook user wrote, screen-capturing the moment, “On Friday’s episode Brian answered this question. He did not say it in the form of a question. Anyone else catch it?”

He simply said: spoiler. When he should have said: What is spoiler?”

The judges didn’t catch it. This was the Double Jeopardy round where this sort of thing is a penalty.

PS I backed it up and checked again to be sure how he said it. Nope.

Another Facebooker replied, “Yes I noticed. I thought those were the rules! Alex [Trebek] wouldn’t allow this nonsense.

A third accused, “You are exactly right! It’s beginning to be error after error after error!

Un quarto ha scritto, “I too ran it back. No question asked, just the answer.

A fifth buzzed in, “It’s getting sloppy.


Although Brian was bested on Friday by new champ Robertthere seems to be an issue with consistency.

Mayim has also shut down players who didn’t sayWhat Is” questo mese, even emphasizing that it was “necessario” in Double Jeopardy.

Nel frattempo, she has allowed at least two other partial responses last week.

One clue given read: “Celebrity ‘Jeopardy!’ pitted Lloyd Bridges III (aka Beau) against Coy Perry III (aka Luke), Dylan McKay on this Fox drama.”

Poi- reigning champ Yungsheng answered: “What is 90210?"

Mayim accepted that response, though the full title wasn’t given, even adding it in for him, detto: "Sì, Beverly Hills, 90210."

Durante Monday’s episode, a contestant named Eleanor was given the clue: “A memorable 2018 photo showed this president’s flag-draped casket, with his service dog Sully beside it.”

She answered simply: “Who is Bush?"

To which Mayim replied: "Sì, George H. W. Bush.”

While only George H. W. Bush has passed, and George W. Bush is still alive, fans were upset that Mayim didn’t ask Eleanor to be more specific.

Mayim has also recently issued multiple score corrections after misruling on responses and saying “No” troppo presto.

One correction – lo scorso mese, five-plus games had them – “ruineda contestant’s momentum, fans accused.

The clue read: “From a Latin word for ‘to clock,’ it’s the type of care given to seriously ill patients to provide comfort without curing.”

After contestant Yungsheng got the answer wrong, rival Andie jumped in to give a response.

Originally saying “pallative care,” Andie quickly and audibly corrected to “palliative care” before the time was up.

But Mayim was quick with her interjection to rule the response wrong, and many felt it changed the outcome.

She later stopped the game and let everyone know that Andie’s score was being fixed by the judges, giving him the $4000 traccia.

But one tweeted, “Andie was doing great and when Mayim mistakenly ruled against = lost momentum. Really bad of Mayim.

Another big error on the unprepared Mayim!” wrote another.


Ken Jennings and Mayim began filling in for the legendary Alex Trebek after his tragico 2020 passando and a fleet of Season 37 celebrity guest hosts, including now-disgraced Mike Richards.

Il show’s ratings nearly doubled to 9.7M viewers when Ken made his first appearance.

When Mayim took over her hosting duties the headcount dropped to 5.9 million viewers during a college championship and indeed, she hasn’t bested Ken’s ratings since during Season 38.

Ken’s last game was in early May.

Da allora, Mayim faced fan fury when a player’s signature was ruled too sloppy in FJ though she had seemingly writtenHarriet Tubman.

E – though not the actress-turned host’s faultthere was ironically a typo in Final Jeopardy just days after the spelling snub which couldn’t have come at a worse time.

She also recently made an off-color joke about marijuana.

The permanent hosting decision is still on the board and is said to be sealed by the end of Season 38 questo mese.

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One possibility that has been implied by execs is that the actress could simply host spinoffs soon, perhaps with Buzzy Cohen.

Ken is returning on July 18th to finish out the season and he’s already revealed he’s begun taping Season 39.

Pericolo! fans slammed host Mayim Bialik for allowing a player to break a rule responding to this clue in Double Jeopardy

Pericolo! fans slammed host Mayim Bialik for allowing a player to break a rule responding to this clue in Double JeopardyCredito: ABC
Brian said 'Spoiler' but did not say 'What Is: Spoiler' which is required

Brian said ‘Spoilerbut did not say ‘What Is: Spoiler’ which is required
Fans were furious by this and are missing Ken Jennings, returning July 18th

Fans were furious by this and are missing Ken Jennings, returning July 18thCredito: ABC