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Ibiza and Majorca holidays ALREADY at risk as Covid cases double in last 14 dias

HOLIDAYS to the Balearic Islands could already be at risk during to rising Covid cases.

The islands, which include Ibiza and Majorca, have been added to the green list today meaning Brits can visit without quarantining back in the UK.

Rising cases in the Balearics could put the destination's green status at risk

Rising cases in the Balearics could put the destination’s green status at riskCrédito: Alamy

Contudo, the islands are on the greenwatch listmeaning they could be added to the amber list at short notice.

Travel expert Paul Charles, founder of PC Agency, revealed that Covid cases on the island have doubled in recent weeks.

Ele escreveu: “An emerging dilemma for the governmentthe Balearics, which join the green watchlist today, have seen their 14-day infection rate more than double in the last 10 dias, to 84/100,000.

He added that while it was just one of the criteria used for determining the risk of a country, alongside genome sequencing and the variants, it could put the green destination at risk.

It comes just days after thousands of students were forced into isolation across Spain, depois de 850 tested positive in Majorca.

Brits have already been returning to Ibiza and Majorca

Brits have already been returning to Ibiza and MajorcaCrédito: Getty
Hundreds of students have tested positive for Covid in Majorca

Hundreds of students have tested positive for Covid in MajorcaCrédito: AFP

Portugal was removed from the UK’s green list just three weeks after it was added, causing chaos for holidaymakers and soaring cases

Many holiday hotspots have also started restricted Brits due to the Delta variant in the UK.

Espanha announced earlier this week that all UK arrivals must now be fully vaccinated or have a negative Covid test.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez confirmed that any Brits entering the country will be like the “rest of European citizens” which requires a negative Covid test or to be fully vaccinated, de acordo com local media.

Mr Sánchez explained: “They will be required [to have] either a complete vaccination schedule or a negative PCR.”

Not only does Malta require Brits to have both jabs – including anyone over the age of 12 – but they also won’t accept the NHS app as proof of vaccination.

Madeira is one of the few destinations only requiring a negative Covid test without mandatory vaccination.

The island is exempt from Portugal’s new restrictions which is also only allowed vaccinated Brits.

Airlines are offering more flights to the green list destinationsRyanair has launched a flash sale with £5 flights to green list destinations including Malta and the Balearics.

Virgin Atlantic’s latest sale includes holidays to the Caribbean from just £280pp.