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Lag prepara 'super-forte’ hooch già per i Mondiali del Qatar di novembre

INMATES are preparing “super-strong” hooch for the Qatar World Cup even though it does not kick off until November.

Big sporting events always see a surge in the illegal practice in jails.

Inmates are preparing 'super-strong' hooch for the Qatar World Cup

Inmates are preparing ‘super-stronghooch for the Qatar World CupCredito: Getty

But with both Inghilterra e Galles in action, brews are being left to ferment for months to increase alcohol strength.

Lags make the drinks with freely available fruit, sugar and bread.

One ex-inmate said: “Normally, hooch is just thrown together quite quickly in 10-30 giorni, but the World Cup calls for some extra strong stuff.

“If England and Wales do well, it’s going to be a nice little earlier for anyone prepared to run the risk of making and hiding hooch for the next four to five months.”

Ha aggiunto: “By the time I left in June, hiding places were at a premium.”

“Guards usually find about half of the hooch that is made, and the guys are just hoping they don’t draft in a hooch dog to smell it out.”

Prison chiefs said they were spending £100million on more security.