SHOPPERS love bagging bargains from B&M, but theresavings to be had at the lesser-known supermarket it also runs.

Heron Foods has hundreds of stores around the UK, mainly in the Midlands and North.

B&M also owns discount supermarket Heron Foods

B&M also owns discount supermarket Heron Foodsクレジット: アラミー

Bargain buys are availableif you know what to look for.

Here are the best deals you can find in Heron Food storesplus what you’re better off getting elsewhere.

Meal deals

Keep an eye out for Heron Foods £5 meal deals in the freezer aisles.

For instance a recent offer spotted by a bargain hunter on the LatestDeals website had the following items for just a fiver:

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ポンドランドで常に買うべき4つのもの - と避けるべき4つのアイテム


ポンドランドで常に買うべき4つのもの – と避けるべき4つのアイテム

  • Chicago Town pizza
  • Bag of chips
  • 10 Slices of garlic bread
  • Tub of Crunchie ice cream

That’s £2.63 cheaper than each individual item.

Different deals are available at different times, and recently Heron Foods had a £3 deal according to its Instagramアカウント.

That included a four-pack of mini stonebaked Goodfella pizzas, Aunt Bessies crinkle chips and Walls Yummies ice lollies.





Branded items

You can find branded items in Herons Food cheaper than on other supermarket shelves.

For instance you can buy a 1kg bag of McCain French fries for just £2.

The cheapest you’ll find in supermarkets is a smaller 900g bag for the same price at both Asda and Waitrose right now.

Richmond sausages are £1.50 for a pack of 12 frozen compared to テスコ where they will set you back £2.

But you should always compare prices so you know you’re getting the best deal.

A packet of nine Warburtons crumpets costs £1.20 at Heron Foods, but are £1 at several supermarkets like Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, though the bargain store does have a 2 for £2 offer on making them the same price.

ザ・ LatestDeals app has a supermarket price comparison feature that includes all the major supermarkets like Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Aldi.

その間 will tell you where to find cheapest groceries including B&M, アルディとテスコ.

Brands you can find in Heron Foods includes Coca Cola, Robinsons, Walkers, Kelloggs and Birds Eye.

Supersized items

Shoppers at Heron Foods have spotted giant tubs of ice cream for sale.

For instance it has sold a 4.5 litre tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for £5, そして 5.5 litre tubs of Carte D’or for the same price.

You’ll need a big freezer, but they are great value for money with smaller tubs under a litre costing several pounds elsewhere.

Like other items on the supermarket’s shelves, these deals aren’t always in stock and you’ll have to keep an eye on your local store.

Heron Foodssocial media or deals sites can also help you spot them.

What to avoid

Fans of Heron Foods all say the same thingyou’re unlikely to get everything you need for a weekly shop.

The company even calls itself alimited rangevalue grocery retailer.

That means that you won’t find it as fully stocked as your usual supermarket with a full range of foods and brands.

You’re unlikely to get your fill of fresh veg from Heron stores, as it focuses more on frozen and packaged items.

While it does have some fresh produce, you might find the items available limited.

Meanwhile if you enjoy shopping online and getting your groceries delivered then Heron Foods isn’t for you.

You can’t shop online or do click and collect, but some stores do offer home delivery after you’ve paid at the checkout when shopping in store.

More ways to save at Heron Foods

Whatever you’re buying in Heron Foods, make sure you’re using the saver stamp scheme.

Each time you shop you can collect a £1 saver stamp. Once you get £29 of stamps you get £1 free, Skint Dad, aka blogger Ricky Willis explains.

That’s the equivalent of a 3.4% reward and can be used to help spread the cost of Christmas.

Sign up to the Heron Foods newsletter and follow the supermarket on Facebook as they sometimes share money-off vouchers.


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