Casa Amor’s six GIRLS revealed as Love Island villa splits into two

CASA Amor is fast approaching – and the six new girls have been revealed.

During the end of last night’s instalment of the ITV2 show, fans were given a sneak peek of the ladies who are storming into the Love Island villa on Sunday night.

Cheyanne Kerr is one of six new Love Island beauties

Cheyanne Kerr is one of six new Love Island beautiesCredit: ITV

ITV have finally released official pictures of the female Casa Amor bombshells.

This year, the boys are staying put in the main villa, while the girls head to the dreaded sister villa.

Here, we run down the ladies looking to tempt Andrew Le Page, Luca Bish, Dami Hope and the rest of the lads.

Will any of these beauties manage to turn any heads?

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Summer Botwe

Summer Botwe says she loves to be in love

Summer Botwe says she loves to be in loveCredit: ITV
Summer has the hots for Dami

Summer has the hots for DamiCredit: instagram

The 22-year-old business owner, from Hertfordshire, has one man in her sights in Casa Amor: Dami Hope.

She’s a fan of his dress sense and humour, and she describes him as a “good all rounder”.

Fans can expect her to be at the heart of the drama, as Summer says she has ‘no filter’ is ‘goofy and silly’.

She adds: “I love love. I’d love to be in love with somebody.  

“I’m good to be around, positive and I’ve got a diva attitude so that comes up as well. I just like to  have my way all the time. It’s my way or the  highway, even the littlest thing.”

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Cheyanne Kerr

Cheyanne reassured viewers she isn't vain

Cheyanne reassured viewers she isn’t vainCredit: instagram

Cabin Crew worker Cheyanne, 23, from Barnsley, split from her boyfriend of three years six months ago and is ready for a new romance.

She insists she has the banter to go with her looks and loves having a a laugh with the lads.

“I’m not a high maintenance person where I
expect this and that,” she says.

“I’m quite humble and I don’t expect a lot from a relationship. I just
expect someone who listens to me and takes
interest in what I’ve got to say.

In relationships and when I speak to guys I feel like a lot of times they are shocked at how I come across. I am not saying I am drop dead
gorgeous but from Instagram people would expect me to be a vain person but I am really not like that. I would never turn my nose up at

Jazmine Nicol

Geordie lass Jazmine is friends with Charlotte Crosby

Geordie lass Jazmine is friends with Charlotte CrosbyCredit: ITV

Night club manager Jazmine, 21, will flirt up a storm in Love Island’s second villa.

She’s not short of confidence, explaining: “I’m a good flirt. I could flirt with a wall if it  would talk back. I think I’d just charm them. I  do this eye trick, I don’t even know what it is,  but if I give them the eye it’ll secure it. I think  it’s because they’re so blue. “

Jazmine, who’s mates with Charlotte Crosby, has had no luck dating around Newcastle, despite insisting she is great girlfriend material.

She has her eyes on Jacques, Jay and Davide – so Ekin-Su and Paige in particular will need to watch out.

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Coco Lodge

Coco Lodge admits she's very flirty

Coco Lodge admits she’s very flirtyCredit: ITV
Coco likes the look of the Italian lads

Coco likes the look of the Italian ladsCredit: instagram

Graphic designer and Ring Girl Coco, 27, from Surrey, won’t be holding back in pursuit of her man.

She’s so flirty she says he family would describe her as a ‘predator’.

And she’s singled out her fellow Italian Davide as her perfect match.

She said: “I’m actually Italian, too. So I really like Davide, he reminds me of a lot of my family and he’s gorgeous. I’ve never actually seen someone so good looking in my whole life!

“I like Jay as well,  he’s super tall – and Italian too – and really  handsome.

“And I really like Andrew. He’s the one my mum likes, ‘Please go for Andrew, he’s  so cute!’ He seems so genuine and sweet. All  three of them I think are genuinely looking for  something long term and I am too.”

Mollie Salmon

Mollie Salmon describes herself as a bit of a joker

Mollie Salmon describes herself as a bit of a jokerCredit: ITV
Mollie is looking for marriage material

Mollie is looking for marriage materialCredit: instagram

Makeup Artist Mollie, 23, from Southampton, is on the show to find the love of her life.

Her family have a record of settling down early in life, and Mollie feels she needs help in that department.

She says: “My mum got married at my age and my cousin is already engaged so she’s always told me how I should hurry up and find someone. I’m  terrible at picking men so I thought Love Island  would do a better job than me! “

Mollie will bring the laughs she feels are missing from the villa, saying: “I can be fiery, I’m chatty and I’m a bit of a prankster. I love to play pranks on people and no one else yet is bringing it so that’s gonna be my job this year. “

Chyna Mills

Chyna Mills doesn't need a man to make her happy

Chyna Mills doesn’t need a man to make her happyCredit: ITV
Chyna is an independent woman

Chyna is an independent womanCredit: instagram

Youth support worker Chyna , 23, from Leeds, has been single for two years and is now ready to find herself a man.

She hates losing and has no qualms stepping o toes to get what she wants.

She said: “I’m confident, I love myself. I don’t need a man to  make me happy! Like it or lump it. I’m an all round  good person, kind-hearted and big headed! I think I’m quite affectionate, I do love little romantic things. I always like to be there for someone.”