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シャトーの天使のスナップへの脱出「あなたは私を罰していますか?」?!’ 唖然としたディックで

ESCAPE TO THE CHATEAU star Angel Adoree lashed out at husband Dick Strawbridge during patio renovation.

ザ・ チャネル 4 公演 follows the couple’s journey renovating their 19th Century 45-bedroom French home.

The family were updating their outdoor patio

The family were updating their outdoor patioクレジット: チャネル 4
Angel snapped back at Dick

Angel snapped back at Dickクレジット: チャネル 4
Dick got his children to work

Dick got his children to workクレジット: チャネル 4

Known for her positive outlook on life, Angel’s patience was tested and accused Dick ofpunishing herwhen they were working on an outdoor project together with their children Arthur and Dorothy.

The family were working on a grand patio which complemented the stone walls.

They also wanted two Victorian bird cages as a decorative feature on their driveway.

Angel revealed: “When we first started dating, Dick bought me a bird cage and it was huge.

But the renovation was a bigger task than they thought.

Angel asked Dick: “正しい, genuine question, do we have to get rid of the gravel?”

Busy clearing the gravel, Dick informed her that all of the stones had to be removed.

But when Angel asked if she could just lay the new slabs on top of the stones, he bluntly replied: “いいえ。”

Angel commented: “Is that because you are secretly punishing me or what?”

He asked Angel to get on board and help as the gravel needed to be removed to make way for the new patio slabs.

He then turned to his children: “Listen you two, you are workers today and what I need you to do is turn around and scrape all the gravel towards the tractor.

Dick and Angel later installed large bird cages.

Angel said: “The aviaries add an elegance which this place needed.

This space, even though it’s brand new, it feels like it’s been here forever. 大好きです。”

Escape to the Chateau will be returning for season nine.

Watch Escape to the Chateau episodes on All 4.

The finished pavement and bird cage

The finished pavement and bird cageクレジット: チャネル 4



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