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There’s a very good reason you should press angry & smiley face airport buttons

IF you aren’t feeling very happy at the airport, you should head to the satisfaction button stations scattered around the terminals, asking you to rate how you arefeeling”.

Launched by HappyOrNot more than a decade ago, they can be found at airports across more than 36 des pays.

Next time you are feeling annoyed at the airport, you should press those smiley face buttons

Next time you are feeling annoyed at the airport, you should press those smiley face buttonsCrédit: Getty

As well as giving travellers the chance to vent, they allow staff to respond as quickly as they can.

HappyOrNot founder Heikki Väänänen previously said: “One of the main functions of the data is real-time alerts.

“Par example, if an airport bathroom is unclean, customers will likely press a very unhappy button.

If this happens a few times (and causes the negative results to go above a set threshold), management teams are alerted that the area needs immediate attention.

The airport is then able to instantly send a cleaner to investigate and fix the issue, which will then be visible in positive results.

He also revealed the happiest and saddest places at the airportand surprisingly, security was the happiest.

Baggage reclaim was themost aggravating,” il ajouta.

HappyOrNot’s international breakthrough came at Heathrow Airport, ahead of the 2012 Jeux olympiques.

Airport executives worried about the imminent influx of international visitors so they positioned HappyOrNot terminals near security, allowing them to identify problem locations in real-time.

Heathrow security’s overall passenger satisfaction scores rose by more than half.

Another study conducted by HappyOrNot analysed more than 4.5 million customer feedback points which are found across airports in 30 des pays.

The data found that the worst day of the week to travel was Sunday, as people were the least happy.

The report found that just 81 per cent of customer feedback was positive.

The best day to fly? A Wednesday, where happiness was the highest at 84.6 pour cent.

Heikki added: “Spécifiquement, 9am and 8am are the happiest times to travel, and 2am and 3am the unhappiest.

People are happiest at security, research has found - but not at baggage reclaim

People are happiest at security, research has foundbut not at baggage reclaimCrédit: Getty