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Un'altra banca sta distribuendo £ 125 in contanti GRATIS – come ottenerlo

LLOYDS is the latest bank to dish out free cash in a bid to tempt new customers.

Those who switch to a Lloyds Bank account could pocket up to £125 – ma c'è un problema.

Lloyds Bank is giving out £125 free cash to new customers

Lloyds Bank is giving out £125 free cash to new customersCredito: PAPÀ

It’s the latest switching offer to launch, con HSBC recently offering up to £170 e Nationwide £125.

But before you get too excitedremember to check the bank‘s terms and conditions.

To be eligible for this offer, you’ll need to switch your current account from your existing bank to either a Club Lloyds or Club Lloyds Platinum account before June 27.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll get the money within three days.

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Unlike many other switching deals, Lloyds said you can still qualify if you’ve had a Lloyds Bank account beforeas long as it’s not paid you a switching bonus since April 2020.

As well as the £125, you can get certainlifestyle benefitssuch as movie streaming or magazine downloads.

You’ll also get access to better mortgage and savings rates, which aren’t available to other customers.

There’s a big catch you need to be aware of before you open a Club Lloyds account thoughit has a £3 monthly fee.

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Known as a packaged bank account, this type of current account costs you a certain amount each month and offers certain perks in exchange.

In this case, for your £3 a month, you can choose four perks a year from a range including six cinema tickets, 12 digital movie rentals, or an annual magazine susbcription.

You’ve also got to pay in at least £1,5000 a month.

If you are considering any packaged bank account, do the maths and make sure the rewards on offer are worth the price tag.

A Club Lloyds account will cost you £36 a year in totalso you need to be sure the perks you choose are worth that and that you’ll make use of them.

The Club Lloyds Platinum account costs a hefty £21 a month ON TOP of the standard £3 monthly chargethat’s £288 a year.

It offers bigger perks such as travel insurance e breakdown cover.

You get £3 a month back if you pay in at least £1,500 a month.

Other switching deals are available for current accounts that don’t cost anything.

You can get £125 from Nationwide, per esempio, e £150 from First Direct.

But it’s not all about the money. Take into account factors such as the bank’s customer service and how good its app is before you switch.

If you do want to switch, you just need to open your new account and let the new bank know. It will do the hard work including transferring over any direct debits.

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We spoke to one serial switcher who made over £400 in a year by bouncing around different bank accounts.

And one woman told how she got £4,800 in compensation after being mis-sold a packaged bank account.

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