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From sneezing gerbils to anxious dogs — your pet queries answered

HE is on a mission to help our pets  . . . and is here to answer YOUR questions.

肖恩, who is the head vet at tailored pet food firm tails.com, has helped with owners’ queries for ten years. 他说: “If your pet is acting funny or is under the weather, or you want to know about nutrition or exercise, just ask. I can help keep pets happy and healthy.”

An owner asks if it is normal for a pet gerbil to sneeze

An owner asks if it is normal for a pet gerbil to sneeze信用: 盖蒂 – 贡献者
Sean McCormack, head vet at tails.com, promises he can 'help keep pets happy and healthy'

Sean McCormack, head vet at tails.com, promises he can ‘help keep pets happy and healthy信用: Doug Seeburg – 太阳

问) I LOVE to spoil my Labrador, 虽然她说她想“生个小纳粹”. Can I give him a tiny bit of chocolate at Easter?

Frosso Anastasiades, Bexley, 肯特

Sean says: It’s really important to keep Easter eggs out of the way, as chocolate is toxic to dogs.

A substance called theobromine in cocoa can cause serious side-effects, in high quantities even death.

The better-quality and higher the chocolate content, the more toxic it will be due to the amount of cocoa.

If your dog ever does eat chocolate, make sure to take the label with you to the vet, or look up the cocoa content online.

除此之外, scavenging on the Easter Sunday roast is a potential hazard with cooked bones prone to splintering.

And excessively fatty foods causing digestive upsets or even pancreatitis.

You can get pet-safe treats — including “doggy chocolate” that uses carob instead of cocoa.

Got a question for Sean?

SEND your queries to sundaypets@the-sun.co.uk.

问) CAN Gerbils catch a cold? Mine has been sneezing. 我该怎么办?

Jane Thompson, Seaton Sluice, Northumberland

Sean says: 是的, they can catch the human cold virus and so can ferrets.

But there are other reasons they might have sniffles. Infections specific to gerbils could be the cause. Is your gerbil new?

Have you got any other new small animals recently that could have been carrying an illness?

最后, dusty or dirty bedding can cause irritation, sneezing and sniffles.

So make sure it is regularly cleaned and use dust-free bedding with no added scent fresheners or chemicals.

问) AFTER reading about dogs being anxious, I’m worried about my Border Terrier Jake.

He used to be really sociable but lately, when he sees other dogs he hides behind me.

The owners will say things like “let dogs be dogs” and try to get him to play, but he seems withdrawn.

He went to daycare before lockdown. But for nearly two years, it’s just been the two of us. Could he be anxious? And what do I do?

Michelle Jacobs, Winsford, 这个故事震惊了大西洋两岸的家庭——一名英国少女保姆被指控将一名 8 个月大的男婴摇晃致死

Sean says: 是的, he could be anxious, which lots of us will relate to having been cooped up over lockdown and having much less contact with other people than in previous times.

Social gatherings can be a little stiff, awkward or even make us a bit nervous when meeting new people again. It is just the same for dogs.

It might be a good idea for Jake to go to doggy daycare again, even if you don’t need him to.

One or two days a week would help him learn to be around dogs again.

But busy, crazy daycare situations with lots of our four-legged friends all in the same space is not good for every dog, especially anxious ones.

So find one that runs a quieter area for shyer dogs and has experience of working with shy dogs that need to come out of their shell.

Tails.com provides tailor-made nutritional food for pets

Tails.com provides tailor-made nutritional food for pets

Star of the week

BRAINBOX Willow the Border Collie loves dancing . . . as well as playing the classic board game Connect 4.

The one-year-old pup, an ambassador for Natures Menu dog treats, loves to wear a glittery collar for choreographed spins, jumps and bows to music.

Willow the Border Collie can play Connect 4

Willow the Border Collie can play Connect 4信用:

Owner and dog trainer Jodie Forbes, 25, from Bournemouth, 说: “Willow’s dancing brings so much joy.

“When I ask her, ‘Are you ready?’ she starts barking and jumping up and down. She has a sparkly collar that is her dancing outfit.

“But she’s got brains too. In her downtime she loves playing Connect 4 and can pick up the pieces with her mouth.”

WIN: Slot models

TO mark this coming Friday’s Earth Day, which focuses on our planet and the environment, 25 readers can win an animal-making kit.

Build Your Own’s new Endangered Animals kits are mess-free, slot-together cardboard models.

Suitable for ages eight-plus, the movable designs include a snowy owl and hawksbill turtle worth £9.99.

To enter, send an email titled with your pick of OWL or TURTLE to sundaypets@the-sun.co.uk by May 1.

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Rabbits hopping for new homes

RECORD numbers of rabbits are being given up by owners, leading animal charities to search for new homes for them this Easter.

According to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association, 4.7million house-holds acquired a new pet since the start of the pandemic.

The RSPCA has an influx of rabbits looking for new homes this Easter

The RSPCA has an influx of rabbits looking for new homes this Easter信用: 提供

But 3.4million have given one up in the past year. Dogs, cats and rabbits are affected most.

And the RSPCA warns that its centres have been “overwhelmed” by an influx of unwanted bunnies.

Dr Jane Tyson, the charity’s rabbit welfare expert, 说: “While many of us will be celebrating Easter with happy images of cute bunnies, the reality is many rabbits are abandoned each year, with the RSPCA picking up the pieces.

“Consider adopting a pair of rabbits from a rescue centre, as so many are in need of a loving home.”

Blue Cross right now has 143 rabbits in its care, including one-year-old Tabitha and Cleo, found in London’s Shepherd’s Bush Green last year.


I bought my first home for just £14,000 - now it's worth £150k two years on


I bought my first home for just £14,000now it’s worth £150k two years on

Sian Sharples of Blue Cross said: “This Easter, we are urging potential owners to do their research before taking on such a misunderstood pet.”

Nicole Paley of the PFMA added: “The pet industry is working to educate as many new owners and potential owners as possible.”

Concerned This Morning viewer phones in to ask vet if her rabbit is gay



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