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Fanáticos de Tipping Point alborotados por las "respuestas más tontas de todos los tiempos" del concursante’

TIPPING Point fans were left in utter disbelief after a contestant answered a series of questions with “ridículo” answers.

los ITV game show tests the knowledge and skill of players, sin embargo, one participant during Friday afternoon’s episode drew the criticism of viewers.

Mark was slammed by Tipping Point viewers for his series of 'ridiculous' answers

Mark was slammed by Tipping Point viewers for his series of ‘ridiculousanswersCrédito: ITV
The electrician failed to get a number of 'easy' questions right

The electrician failed to get a number of ‘easyquestions rightCrédito: ITV

Stepping up in a bid to win the coveted £10,000 jackpot counter was Mark, but his general knowledge appeared to let him down.

Ben Shephard asked the electrician a number of questions and, with some of them almost giving away the answer, he failed to capitalise.

The host first asked: “The epiglottis is situated at the root of which organ in the mouth?”

Feeling confident, Mark replied: “Tooth,” sin embargo, he was brutally shut down by Ben who revealed: “Tongue.

Mark’s embarrassment did stop there, as Ben gave him a chance for redemption, pidiendo: “A monowheel is a form of transport that has how many wheels?”

Straight in with the answer Mark guessed: “Cuatro” – but Ben soon revealed: “One.

His flurry of incorrect answers in quick succession didn’t go unnoticed by viewers either, with many dubbing the sparky asone of the worst players of all time”.

tomando a Gorjeo, una persona escrita: “I think Mark would rather be somewhere else. He’s not very good at this, is he?”

Haciéndose eco de sus comentarios, alguien más dijo: “Mark really shouldn’t have come on Tipping Point. quiero decir, talk about giving the dumbest answers of all time…”

While a third added: “Mark just loves looking into the cameraeven after his demise. Ridiculous answers. Awful Player. Go home.

Tipping Point airs weekdays from 4pm on ITV.

Ben Shephard is the face of Tipping Point

Ben Shephard is the face of Tipping PointCrédito: ITV

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