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Armed police raided a manor houseonly to find it was the set of a porn film

COPS raced to reports of an armed raid at a manor house — to find it was a porn movie being filmed.

Ramblers told police they saw men with guns lurking in its sprawling grounds.

Brit porn star Danny D - pictured here with Sophia Knight - was filming when armed police raided the set

Brit porn star Danny Dpictured here with Sophia Knightwas filming when armed police raided the setCrédit: Getty Images – Getty

However they were actors dressed as security guards with fake firearms, although more X-rated weaponry was being deployed inside.

British porn star Danny D, who was there with several naked cast members, recalled: “Somebody came running in shouting, ‘Police, police — the Old Bill’s here’.”

Filming then came to a premature halt at the location, somewhere in the Home Counties.

Danny, 35, told the Happy Hour podcast: “Everything we were doing was legal — so we just needed to get dressed.

I went out and told the officers, ‘They’re fake guns and we’ve hired the whole location exclusively.

We’ve done everything we can to protect the public’.

They were cool and just needed to make sure the firearms weren’t real.”