HOODED thugs shot fireworks at police down a residential street last night, shocking footage shows.

The explosives narrowly missed the riot squad and often went off by peopleshomes as officers ran up the road with shields and helmets.

Police officers were attacked with fireworks last night

Police officers were attacked with fireworks last nightクレジット: Tiktok/@azzheff
One resident described it as a 'warzone'

One resident described it as a ‘warzoneクレジット: Tiktok/@azzheff

Cops ducked when blasts suddenly exploded and tried to move wheelie bins out of the way of the attackers to stop them going up in flames.

A cloud of smoke surrounded them in the street during a brief pause between the rockets in scenes one resident in リーズ と呼ばれる “warzone”.

Other footage from inside a house shows fireworks flying past a woman’s window down the street while others explode right outside.

Some cars were also hit and neighbourswheelie bins were set alight in ‘Binfire Night’ 大虐殺.

Hooded yobs were filmed as well letting fireworks off as people drove past them down the road.

Gee, 21, who filmed the incident from her home, 前記 “oh my Godafter at least 20 fireworks exploded in a matter of seconds by her window.

One man said in another clip: “They’re firing them down the road. Literally you can’t drive past can you?”

Fashion stylist Katie Ferenczy, 21, was inside her car when it was hit by a firework as she drove past the police line. A passenger who filmed the moment saidf*cking hellwhen they were struck.

Another resident said: “It’s a f*cking warzone outside our house.

Henri Bates, 22, who was sat in his car when the under-attack riot police marched by, 書きました: “Mad one in Hyde Park, リーズ. I nearly got my head took off.

その間, Merseyside Police detained eight youngsters after reports of fireworks being thrown at cars, as well as criminal damage and obstruction of a road.

Yobs in Manchester also hurled explosives at drivers passing-by, including a fire engine.

Firefighters were targeted again in a separate incident when they were putting out a bonfire.

Greater Manchester Police warned: “Antisocial behaviour with fireworks can be extremely dangerous.

And several people were treated for minor injuries after a bonfire parade in Lewes, イーストサセックス. One person was arrested with a public order offence.

The town hosts Britain’s largest bonfire celebration each year.

Some fireworks also hit cars

Some fireworks also hit carsクレジット: Tiktok/@atrizzy1
その間, Greater Manchester Police seized these fireworks from youngsters

その間, Greater Manchester Police seized these fireworks from youngstersクレジット: Greater Manchester Police