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Spoiler su Emmerdale: Il disastro delle ceneri di Liv Flaherty mentre Vinny è coperto di polvere

EMMERDALE’S Vinny Dingle continues to struggle to live a life without wife Liv Flaherty as he has her ashes.

Viewers saw fan-favourite character Liv succumb to her injuries in a heartbreaking death in Storm Week part of Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

Liv is crushed by a caravan

Liv is crushed by a caravanCredito: ITV
Vinny struggles to live without Liv

Vinny struggles to live without LivCredito: ITV
Chip has an idea for Liv's ashes

Chip has an idea for Liv’s ashesCredito: ITV

She was pinned against a wall by a flying caravan while trying to make her way to the Woolpack with husband Vinny.

Emergency services rushed to the scene, only to determine that Liv was actually being kept alive by the caravan holding her together.

Paddy explained there’s nothing they could do to save her, telling Vinny, Mandy and Aaron: “It’s crushed her lower body… I am so, mi dispiace tanto. There’s nothing we can do.

He then warned a stunned Vinny: “We haven’t got long. You’ve got to say goodbye.

Next week on the ITV soap, Vinny is not ready to say goodbye to Liv.

But Chip has other ideas.

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tuttavia, this results in Liv’s ashes being tipped all over Vinny.

Leaving Vinny on the ground roaring with tearful laughter.

Actress Isobel Steele was part of some huge storylines and even won Best Young Actor at the 2018 British Soap Awards.

She recently shut down rumours about being her on-screen husband Vinny, played by actor Bradley Johnson, nella vita reale.

But she insisted they are simply “close friends.”

Lei disse Metro: “Brad is wonderful and such a good friend of mine. We are very similar and work really well together when we have scenes just us two.

I can see why people jumped to conclusions, seeing two characters spending time together on and off-screen!"

Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV.

Isobel shut down rumours about a real life romance with Brad who plays Vinny

Isobel shut down rumours about a real life romance with Brad who plays VinnyCredito: ITV

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