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Top tips for asking for a payrise

FEELING the pinch? With prices rising everywhere, your salary may no longer stretch as far as you need it to.

According to HR magazine People Management, two-thirds of British businesses are reporting more employees looking for a payrise, while half have seen workers quit for better paid roles elsewhere.

Asking for a payrise can be nerve-wracking experience

Asking for a payrise can be nerve-wracking experienceKrediet: Alamy

Asking for extra money is never easy, but if your company values what you do, now is a good time to get what you’re worth.

Here are Sun Jobs top tips to help.

1. Think performance, not Cost of Living

Most firms won’t pay more just because prices have gone up.

To get a payrise, you’ll have to show your value to the business and why you should receive the extra cash.

Prove why you’re worth it, not simply that you need it.

2. Prepare your case

Before you approach your manager or HR department, build a strong argument.

Look back over your work since you last received a raise – have you hit or exceeded targets? Brought in new business?

Re-organised your department or made cost savings? Get your evidence ready.

3. Revaluate your role

Has you job changed significantly since your last rise?

Are you managing more people or taking on more responsibility?

Any change from your stated job description could mean more cash.

4. Build a ‘Brag Book’

It may seem un-British, but an American-style ‘Brag Book’ recording all you’ve achieved at work is a great tool for proving your worth.

5. Do your research

Pay rises are usually given on an employee’s performance and current market rates.

Research what people in similar jobs are being paid in rival firms and your wider sector and ask for a figure around that level.

You can also use Glassdoor, Payscale or Check-a-Salary to compare.

Looking for a role where you’re in the money? Try one of these three top picks.

Payroll Analyst – Europa, ByteDance, Londen

Clock up the cash with a job at social media sensation TikTok.

The Job: ByteDance is seeking a Payroll Analyst to support the TikTok EMEA team, focusing on Europe.

What You’ll Do: In this role you’ll have the opportunity to work with multiple domestic and international stakeholders to support TikTok’s continued growth and expansion.

You’ll do this by managing and improving payroll operations in multiple European countries.

You’ll Need: A Bachelor’s degree or above is required for this role.

Hands-on, strong functional knowledge and a minimum of three years’ in-house payroll operation experience is also preferred, along with strong vendor management and project management skills and payroll and tax knowledge across multiple countries in Europe.

A second language—Italian, Frans, Polish, Spaans, German, Russian or Swedish—would be a plus.

Apply now: Get the full Payroll Analyst job spec or view more roles at ByteDance.

Aesthetic Injector, Thérapie Clinic, Bad

Earn up to £4k a week, there’ll be no reason to frown in this aesthetics position.

The Job: Europe’s fastest growing aesthetic medical provider Thérapie Clinic is currently looking for an Aesthetic Injector to join its Bath clinic and work with world leading brand Allergan, which makes Botox.

What You’ll Do: With flexible working hours spread over one to four days per week, you can earn up to £4,000 per week providing anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injections.

You’ll Need: You’ll have a medical degree (GDC/GMC/NMC), have already completed a course in anti-wrinkle injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers and have an aesthetic eye with a keen interest in non-surgical facial treatments.

Apply Now: Find out more about the Aesthetic Injector role or view more jobs at Thérapie Clinic.

Recruiter, eClerx, Londen

Help hire the right people to manage money for major firms worldwide

The Job: As a Recruiter at eClerx, you’ll assist with the initial outreach and selection of applicants for onshore business roles.

What You’ll Do: In addition to reviewing applicants, you’ll help shortlist candidates, send assessments, prep candidates for interviews and engage with passive candidates for upcoming opportunities.

You’ll Need: A Bachelor’s degree is preferred for this role, along with two years’ of experience sourcing technical candidates or technical recruiting.

You’ll also have excellent time management skills, proactive sourcing tactics, a working knowledge of MS Outlook, MS Teams and Excel, and experience with ATS and JazzHR is a plus.

Apply Now: Get the full Recruiter role details or check out all roles at eClerx.

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