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FLIGHT attendants have revealed the routes they hate flying onbecause of certain passengers.

A lot of different things can affect how easy or difficult the cabin crew’s job is during a flight, but the people on board are usually the biggest factor.

Drunk passengers can make life much more difficult for flight attendants

Drunk passengers can make life much more difficult for flight attendantsCrédito: Getty

Where the plane is flying to will have a big impact on the type of passenger.

Por exemplo, flights to party destinations like Ibiza will often have drunk people in the seats, treating the plane like a flying bar rather than a mode of transport.

In a thread on Reddit, several flight attendants pitched in with their least enjoyable routes, with the passengers to blame for most of the bad ones.

A member of the public asked them: “What routes consistently have the most difficult passengers?”

One British flight attendant said: “In the summer we get some proper horrific flights.

Alicante, Malaga, Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca tend to be pretty bad because of everyone flocking south for summer. IBZ for obvious reasons being worse than the others.

Outro concordou, explicando: “A group of girls on a hen do left their extremely intoxicated friend behind on the plane whilst disembarking in Ibiza.

Thing is she was in the aisle seat so they would have had to climb over her to leave. A friend had to wheel her off the plane & through the airport in a wheelchair.”

A third simply said: “Public service announcement: Do not fly to Ibiza on Fridays in the summer.

American flight attendants claimed to have similar experiences on flights to Florida, and in particular Miami.

Um disse: “Most people flying into Miami want to drink and party and are on their way to an all inclusive in the Caribbean.

One time, I had 7 people travelling together removed before takeoff cause they were already smashed from drinking at the airport bar.

Miami is a nightmare. I won’t bid to fly there anymore.

Um segundo adicionado: “New attendants based in Miami will come out with thick skin because they will experience all their flight emergencies there.

Drunk and disorderlies, passengers fighting, medical emergencies and fires from people smoking on board.”

Contudo, it wasn’t bad news for all passengersparticularly those from France.

French people were praised by several of the flight attendants in the thread for theirunderstanding” comportamento.

One crew member said: “I speak French and they’re some of the nicest passengers I’ve had.

British passengers aren’t thought of quite so fondly by cabin crew members apparently, with one long-serving attendant slamming Brits recently.

Kristina Galvydyte, who is a flight attendant for a leading UK airline, told the Telegraph: “Brits tend to start drinking, or even downing drinks, no aeroporto, no matter the hour of the day, so a lot already board the plane drunk or at least tipsy – and then carry on.

As someone from Europa Oriental, I have never seen this kind of culture anywhere else.

Kristina added: “Subsequently, Brits are the worst passengers to deal with in terms of disruptive behaviour.

enquanto isso, these flight attendants named and shamed the worst passengers they’ve had on board their planes.

And these are some of the worst passenger shaming moments captured on flights.

Certain routes are a lot less enjoyable for cabin crew, often because of passengers

Certain routes are a lot less enjoyable for cabin crew, often because of passengersCrédito: Alamy