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7 rivelazioni dall'autopsia di Brian Laundrie dopo che il corpo è stato MANGIATO dagli animali

NEW information from the Medical Examiner’s Office sheds light on the scene where Brian Laundrie, 23, was found dead at Florida’s Carlton Reserve in October.

Il full autopsy report released on Monday contains new information about his mysterious notebook and clarifies how severe the damage to his skeleton was.

A pair of green shorts were found at the scene

A pair of green shorts were found at the sceneCredito: Instagram
Some theorize the revolver found at the scene

Some theorize the revolver found at the sceneCredito: agente

The FBI told The Sun in an email earlier this month that the case of 22-year-old Gabby Petito’s murder isstill open pending administrative actions prior to closingwhile investigators document every piece of information related to the case.

The FBI also confirmed in January that Brian’s taccuino “revealed written statements by Mr. Laundrie claiming responsibility for Ms. Petito’s death.

The notebook confession

Brian’s notebook has been the subject of much speculation since internet sleuths shared photos of the vlogger carrying journals on the road with Gabby.

In the Medical Examiner’s report, there are references to a “taccuino” e a “journal,” but also something new.

The summary of the scene near where Brian’s body was found indicates examiners founda handwritten half-note.

The report doesn’t explicitly detail which notebook contained a confession, or if the handwritten note was of any value to the investigators trying to solve her murder.

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Gun had two live rounds

After Brian disappeared, many speculated that Brian would not come out of the Carlton Reserve alive, and those fears were confirmed when he was found in October.

It took a whole month for investigators to release Brian’s cause and manner of death: his autopsy confirmed that Brian died by suicide, from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

The gun was a European American Arms .38mm revolver, believed to be a Windicator.

In the cylinder were three rounds. One was used, and two rounds of live ammunition sat unused in the chamber.

The report doesn’t indicate any other ammunition was found among Brian’s belongings.

Brian’s clothes left behind

One thing the full autopsy report clarifies is that Brian’s remains were found at one site, but asecondary siteclose by included more evidence of his presence in the area.

At theprimarylocation where Brian’s remains were found, investigators also found his gun and his backpack, which contained the drybag, box and notebook.

His clothes were also there. An itemized list details thepair of green shorts with a green belt, two slip-on shoes, and a white metal ringwere found on the scene.

Notably absent was a shirt, or details about any other clothing that may have been tucked away inside Brian’s backpack.

More clothing was found at the secondary scene–a hat with the MOAB Coffee Roasters logo.

Moab, Utah is where Brian and Gabby were stopped and questioned by police, as shown in dashcam footage recorded days before Gabby was killed.

Animal remains were found near Brian's body

Animal remains were found near Brian’s bodyCredito: AP

Animal remains nearby

Also at the secondary scene were more skeletal remains–but not Brian’s.

Animal remains were found at the scene, though the autopsy doesn’t include details on type of animal these remains may have come from.

The report also doesn’t make clear if the animal skeleton was full or partial.

The remains were near the mysterioushandwritten half note,” which the report doesn’t provide more information about.

Brian's journal was found

Brian’s journal was foundCredito: Instagtram/Brian Laundrie

Inside the wooden box

Brian’s notebook was found in a wooden box near Brian’s body, sparking an extensive review of the notebook’s contents.

New reports reveal the wooden box also contained photographs, Compreso pictures of Brian.

It’s not clear if the photos were from the trip, and also included Gabby Petito, if they were pictures of the pair’s families, or if they had other sentimental meaning.

Authorities also haven’t reported how many photos were contained inside.

Tents, flares and supplies

Brian’s backpack indicated he had prepared, at some point, for a long-haul campout.

In the backpack found near his body wasassociated gearfor camping, including emergency flares and a tent.

The tent was disassembled, inside the bag, not set up, and the report doesn’t indicate that the site where Brian’s body was found acted as hishome basecampsite.

Nothing in the report specifies what the other gear found onsite was, leaving some speculation open about the sleeping bag found in the Carlton Reserve in the weeks after Brian’s death.

Remains damaged by animals

Upon discovery, Brian’s remains were described asskeletonized,” with the bones picked clean by birds and animals.

Adesso, authorities know more about the extensive evidence ofanimal predationon his skeleton.

In the medical examiner’s report, it says most of the distal long bones, which comprise the arms and legs, aveva “moderately extensive carnivore activity evidenced by multiple gouging and gnawing marks.

The report indicates that the damage is consistent with the bites of coyotes, feral dogs, raccoons and rodents.

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