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Avviso poiché il conducente è bloccato sul proprio vialetto – ecco come evitarlo

A DRIVER was left in shock after he found his car clamped on his own driveway after not paying a fine.

It has served as a warning to drivers who choose to ignore reminder letters that are sent to their homes.

The owner of this Porsche Cayman refused to answer fine reminder letters

The owner of this Porsche Cayman refused to answer fine reminder lettersCredito: AP

The court service is warning people not to ignore fines after a driver of a Porsche Cayman saw his car clamped.

Il 38enne, from Falkirk, was driving under the influence of alcohol.

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After being caught by cops, he was banned from driving for 12 months and was issued a £520 fine

Local authorities decided to clamp his car that was parked outside his home after he refused to answer several requests for payment.

The driver will have to pay the fine and settle any clamping expenses in order to release his car.

According to The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service, 86% of issued fines between 2019 per 2020 are being paid or on track to be paid.

David Fraser, SCTS executive director of court operations, disse: “The latest figures continue to show welcome progress as we recover from the effects of the pandemic, with fine collection rates rising across the board.

We continue to recognise that the current economic climate may impact people’s ability to pay fines and urge anyone who is struggling to pay to get in touch with us so we can provide advice.

“tuttavia, just ignoring fines and doing nothing is not an option. We will employ robust sanctions against offenders who we are satisfied to have failed to pay without a reasonable excuse.

Fraser warned that Fines Enforcement Units could also freeze bank accounts, arrest earnings, make deductions from benefits or obtain arrest warrants.

He advised contacting them to make suitable arrangements to pay to avoid actions being taken against those drivers who failed to pay their fines.

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