NATE ROBINSON was left speechless after Tracy Metcalfe makes a shocking revelation a day after their steamy night together.

のファン ITV soap saw Nate (Jurell Carter) hook up with his former lover Tracy Metcalfe (エイミー・ウォルシュ) in Monday’s episodebut the day after was a different story.

Nate is left heartbroken by Tracy's news

Nate is left heartbroken by Tracy’s newsクレジット: ITV

Nate had hopes about his family getting back together.

But Tracy leaves him heartbroken after revealing she is engaged to someone else.

Tracy said: “ネイト, I’m engaged. Ollie asked me a while back and I said yes and I am gonna marry him. I should have told you. 申し訳ありません。”

Nate was left speechless and questioned why Tracy wasripping off my clothes yesterday.

彼女はそれが “a stupid mistake” そしてそれ “meant nothing,” causing furious Nate to storm off.

Fans were left devastated for Nate.

Twitterに連れて行く, ある人は言った: “Isn’t Tracy as big a cheat as Nate was when she dumped him. #エマーデール”

別の人が書いた: “Tracy leaving Nate because he cheated and then doing that exact same thing to her new fiancé. #エマーデール”

A third penned: “Nate has been dumped by Naomi and Tracy. 私は彼に同情します, but he’s had a lucky escape. #エマーデール”

後で, Nate asked girlfriend Naomi for a second chance and tells her it’s over with Tracy.

But Naomi doesn’t want to be second best and rejected him.

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV.

Nate is rejected by Naomi

Nate is rejected by Naomiクレジット: ITV
Nate and Tracy gave into passion

Nate and Tracy gave into passionクレジット: ITV