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Rishi Sunak apoia aliado próximo Dominic Raab em meio a alegações de bullying

RISHI Sunak has backed his close ally Dominic Raab after he faced a series of claims he mistreated civil servants.

O Deputy Prime Minister is under pressure after it emerged that staff within the Ministry of Justice were offered aroute outof the department when he was reinstated.

Rishi Sunak has told journalists isn't aware of any formal complaints against Deputy PM Dominic Raab

Rishi Sunak has told journalists isn’t aware of any formal complaints against Deputy PM Dominic RaabCrédito: PA

Mr Raab was also forced to defend himself after insiders claimed he angrily threw tomatoes from a Pret a Manger salad across a meeting roomas he wasn’t pleased with the way he was being briefed.

But Mr Sunak said: “I don’t recognise that characterisation of Dominic and I’m not aware of any formal complaints about him.

“Of course there are established procedures for civil servants if they want to bring to light any issues. I’m not aware of any formal complaint about Dominic.

Civil servants had described his behaviour during a previous stint in the department as ‘demeaning’, ‘rude’ with one person even branding him a ‘bully’.

Justice Secretary Mr Raab was even nicknamedThe Incineratoras he burns through staff so quickly.

The comments come as eight people coming in Mr Raab’s office while he was Foreign Secretary claimed to have been bullied or harassed at work, a leaked survey revealed.

The poll, which was carried out in late 2019, also revealed that 15 staff reported witnessing another person being bullied or treated unfairly.

The dossier was seen by ITV News but all allegations were made anonymously.

The PM added: “My understanding is that these surveys are annual and relate to the overall work environment, not to individuals.

Tory MPs have defended Mr Raab in recent days including Eddie Hughes who said that he was hard-working and expected high standards from others.