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Coronation Street’s Harvey Gaskell vows to murder Toyah Battersby as he plots prison escape

CORONATION Street drugs lord Harvey Gaskell vows to kill Toyah Battersby this weekafter she thwarts his prison release.

Harvey is currently in prison after Toyah’s sister Leanne helped bring him down earlier this year.

Harvey vows to murder Toyah when he discovers what she's done

Harvey vows to murder Toyah when he discovers what she’s doneCrédito: ITV
Toyah stops Harvey's release from prison - and gets herself put in the firing line

Toyah stops Harvey’s release from prisonand gets herself put in the firing lineCrédito: ITV

Corrie viewers will know that Sabeen is forcing Imran to join her on Harvey’s appeal caseor she’ll reveal his one night fling with a stranger.

However Toyah gets wind of Sabeen’s blackmail plot and takes sweet revenge.

The week begins with Toyah telling Imran that social services have called to say they’re going to be fostering a four-year-old.

Struggling to cope under the pressure, Imran confides in Adam about Sabeen’s blackmail.

Mais tarde, Imran corners Rita in the Rovers and compares her fostering experiences to his own, quizzing her about Sharon.

When Rita reveals that Sharon still calls and sends the odd text, Imran is intrigued.

With Rita distracted, Imran takes her phone but is horrified when it starts ringing.

Mais tarde na semana, Imran tries to juggle the arrival of Elsie with Sabeen’s threats.

Things only get worse for Imran when Rita sees through Imran’s attempts to ingratiate himself with her.

Imran tells Sabeen that the blackmail has to stop, but will she listen?

Mais tarde na semana, it all kicks off as Imran comes clean to Toyah about Sabeen’s blackmail plan and his one night fling with a stranger.

With Elsie about to arrive, Toyah disappears and bumps into Peter in Victoria Gardens, who tells her not to give up on what she and Imran have.

Toyah returns to the flat and feigns all smiles for the social worker.

When Toyah finds out from Simon that Imran borrowed a phone in an attempt to uncover information about Sharon, she’s furious.

With Imran looking after Elsie, Toyah steals his phone and looks through his messages.

Toyah then confides in Peter and tells him what Imran has been up to.

enquanto isso, Sabeen storms into Imran’s office and tells him she’s been accused of misconduct and had all her cases taken off her.

She warns him that he has made an enemy out of villainous drug lord Harvey for life.

What has Toyah done?

Harvey is set to return to the cobbles this autumn and resume his reign of terror.

Recent filming pictures show the criminal escaping from a flipped prison van, despite sporting a bandaged hand and wearing handcuffs.

Could Imran and Toyah find themselves in Harvey’s firing line?

Sabeen finds herself on Toyah's vengeful side

Sabeen finds herself on Toyah’s vengeful sideCrédito: ITV

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