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Sette spoiler di Coronation Street mentre Daniel Osbourne affronta un'altra battaglia contro il cancro

THREE years after sharing an emotional goodbye with his wife Sinead, Daniel Osbourne is caught with bad memories.

Il Coronation Street teacher is in shock when someone close to him goes through a harrowing health ordeal. Get the lowdown.

Daniel gets a blast from the past

Daniel gets a blast from the pastCredito: ITV

1. Daniel rocked by surprise appearance

But before he can, the hunk portrayed by Rob Mallard is surprised when he’s met with a familiar name.

Daniel has been enjoying quieter days in the cobbles.

This is despite him and his partner Daisy (giocato da Charlotte Jordan) ending up homeless after a huge misunderstanding.

tuttavia, in upcoming scenes of the ITV sapone, Daniel is thrown when he sees a magazine articlewritten by none other than Bethany Platt.

Inspired, Daniel decides it’s time for him to start writing againwhile Daisy is unnerved by the mere mention of his ex.

Bethany Platt (ex Corrie star Lucy Fallon) left the cobbles nel mese di marzo, 2020, after an ill-fated relationship with Daniel.

Al tempo, the hunk was still processing the death of his wife Sinead, Oms succumbed to cervical cancer.

Bethany left Coronation Street to work for a magazine in London as a trainee editor.

Daniel has since turned a new leafbut there’s turmoil ahead for him and Daisy.

Bad memories haunt Daniel

Bad memories haunt DanielCredito: ITV

2. A resident’s health is on the line

Drama picks up a pace in the cobbles for one Weatherfield resident next week.

Daisy has mostly been seen supporting Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) as the Rovers landlady was going through her fair share of hardships.

tuttavia, things could turn awry for Daisy when she reveals that she’s found a lump in her breast.

On Jenny’s advice, Daisy breaks the news to Daniel and, shaken, he insists on taking her to the doctor’s.

Daniel masks his anxiety and promises to meet Daisy at the medical centre.

tuttavia, he soon goes against his word as he knocks back drinks in the pub instead and Jenny’s horrified to see he has let Daisy down.

Daniel announces Daisy may have cancer before staggering out, prompting Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) to take action.

Il recovering alcoholic tells Daniel that boozing his sorrows away isn’t the answer before encouraging him to support Daisy.

Daisy attends her appointment alone but is later interrupted by a drunk Daniel who throws the door open and stumbles in.

Summer comes clean

Summer comes cleanCredito: ITV

3. Pregnancy lies are exposed

Desperate for cash, Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) agreed to be Mike and Esther’s surrogateuntil she had a miscarriage.

tuttavia, she kept up with the charade and made the couple think she was still pregnant.

Questa settimana, her lie will be exposed and it all begins when Mike and Esther both insist on dropping her at the hospital for her scan but they agree to wait for her outside.

But when Summer and her boyfriend Aaron Sandford (James Craven) play for time in the hospital, Mike suddenly appears.

He announces he should attend the scan with Summerforcing the young couple to tell him the truth about the baby.

How will Mike and Esther react to the news?

Sumer's storyline isn't over

Sumer’s storyline isn’t overCredito: ITV

4. Summer gets shock offer

Di conseguenza, Summer is likely to experience money issues later on as she grows desperate to raise the £10k back.

She later has an idea and calls Billy Mayhew, Todd Grimshaw and Paul Foreman together, revealing she’s planning on travelling with Aaron.

Summer then adds that they’ll need £10k to go through with their plans.

Billy, Paul and Todd see right through her and begin to question her about her plans.

Nelle scene successive, tuttavia, Mike and Esther come up with a new offer for Summer.

They agree they’d be willing to forget about the £10k and would be ready to give them more money on the one condition Summer agreed to be a surrogate for their baby.

Summer’s predicament only gets worse when Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) is determined to stop her from going through with the plan at any cost.

When he tries to lay down the law, Mike points out the decision is Summer’s and not his.

The local vicar is more adamant than ever to stop Summer from being a surrogate for Mike and Esther and reveals he intends to get the police involved.

What will Summer do?

Abi Webster hasn't been seen in months

Abi Webster hasn’t been seen in monthsCredito: ITV

5. Abi returns to the cobbles

Abi Webster (Sally Carman) managed to go through some turbulent times and has stayed away from the limelight in recent months.

But when one of her friends is about to face life-changing commitment, the mechanic is ready to give the best advice she can.

Tyrone Dobbs (giocato da Alan Halsall) has had to jump through hurdles before he could finally look forward to a life with Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine).

The pair have been playing a game of push and pull since their breakup but have recently decided to tie the knot.

And in a surprise twist, Tyrone has decided to surprise his other half by planning a Christmas wedding for her.

tuttavia, his ideas may not be as good as he thinks they are which he’s bound to realise with Abi’s help.

Tyrone reveals his surprise wedding plans to both Abi and her husband Kevin (Michael Le Vell).

He then proudly shows them the dress he chose with Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) – but Abi quickly bursts his bubble.

The mechanic opts for brutal honesty and tells him the dress is hideous.

Secondo lei, Fiz could even hate it leading to Beth Tinker agreeing to make some alterations to the garment.

What will Tyrone do?


Tutto quello che devi sapere su Coronation Street

Nick is keeping something from Leanne

Nick is keeping something from LeanneCredito: ITV

6. Nick lies to Leanne

Nick Tilsley (Ben Prezzo) has been in cahoots with Harvey Gaskell (Andrà meglio) after he offered him a large sum of cash to apologise for killing Natasha Blakeman.

With Nick not wanting to alarm his partner Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson), he lied to her and admitted he had taken the cash from his son Sam’s inheritance.

Leanne was initially displeased by this but after finding out Natasha’s sister supposedly agreed, according to a deceptive Nick, her tune changed.

Questa settimana, as Nick and Leanne fret over their finances, Simon (Alex Bain) reveals he’s lost his job, which only adds to their woes.

Carla Connor (Alison King) gives Simon a job on the Underworld sales team but Leanne’s unimpressed as he’ll be working with Jacob.

When Nick reveals the bistro repair costs are spiralling, Leanne asserts that they will have to dip into Sam’s inheritance again.

Nick hides his guilt at deceiving her.

Will he ever come clean?

One soap stalwart could leave the cobbles

One soap stalwart could leave the cobblesCredito: Alamy

7. Cobbles legend ready to start afresh

Di nuovo, Ken Barlow (giocato da William Roache) is torn between two women.

After reconnecting with social worker Wendy Crozier (Roberta Kerr), Ken bumped into another one of his former mistresses, Martha Fraser (Stephanie Beacham).

Questa settimana, Martha breaks the news to Ken that she needs to start rehearsals on a new play in Hull the following day, leaving him gutted.

Nelle scene successive, Wendy is put out when she hears that Ken made a night of it with Martha.

Ken is left with a difficult choice and is unsure whether to follow his head or his heart.

Martha adds fuel to the fire by suggesting he should move to Hull with her.

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What will he decide to do?

Tune in to ITV to find out.