I went blind after beautician dropped GLUE in my eye during lash extension

THIS young woman has lost 13 percent of the vision in her left eye after her beautician dropped glue in it after mixing it up with eye drops.

Giovanna L’oren has gone viral on TikTok with her tale of her eyelid being glued shut by her beautician when she was having her eyelash extensions done.

Giovanna told her 79,600 TikTok followers that a beautician accidentally got eyelash glue in her eye

Giovanna told her 79,600 TikTok followers that a beautician accidentally got eyelash glue in her eyeCredit: Newsflash
The 18-year-old's eye is expected to recover

The 18-year-old’s eye is expected to recoverCredit: Newsflash

The 18-year-old from Goias, Brazil told her 79,600 followers about the ordeal on Saturday – where the video has since been viewed 5.2 million times.

The influencer said in May 2020, her eyelid was glued shut when her beautician, who she did not name, dropped glue (‘cola’ in Portuguese) in her eye instead of eye drops (‘colirio’ in Portuguese).

She had to go to a health facility 100km away where a doctor removed the glue from the inside of her eyelid.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Giovanna said: “At the exact moment she dripped the glue, I felt my eye burn and when I tried to open it, it was glued shut.

“The pain still continued after the glue was removed but it was a relief to be able to blink, my eye wouldn’t close because of the glue inside it.”

However, overnight her eye worsened – as it had increased in pain and swelling.

Giovanna visited another health centre the next day where a doctor told her she still had lots of glue in her eye and that she even risked losing her vision if she kept on blinking.

She had to have her eyelashes removed by the roots and said she was left with a 13 per cent reduction in the vision in her left eye.

Over a year since the incident occurred, Giovanna’s eye is expected to make a recovery.

“Now everything is fine with my eye. My vision was impaired but very little,” she said.

“The doctors said it was very close that I didn’t lose my sight.

“I used medications for six months. As for the treatment, I have to wear glasses so that the vision improves.”

Asked if she had visited the beautician since, Giovanna said: “I haven’t spoken to her since the day it happened. We never spoke to each other again.

“I think she was very sad and embarrassed. But I know she didn’t do it because she wanted to, mistakes happen and it’s OK.”

Giovanna decided to not have the matter investigated.

“I didn’t want to involve the authorities in this,” she said.

“The professional was very upset and I didn’t want her to be harmed.

“After the incident she stopped working with eyelashes and moved to another city. But I would never mention her name.

“It was a mistake and mistakes happen, we are all susceptible to it.”

She influencer has not seen the beautician since

She influencer has not seen the beautician sinceCredit: Newsflash