A WORKER has publicly shamed their heartless boss after they allegedly fired an employee with a brain tumour just days before Christmas.

It came as the town hall manager was later faced with a Grinch mannequindenouncing the less than festive act.

The bad boss was publicly shamed over the alleged unfair dismissal

The bad boss was publicly shamed over the alleged unfair dismissal

The photo, featuring the lookalike doll, was shared on Reddit and was reportedly taken outside the employee’s place of work in the USA.

Captioned “the Grinch that stole Christmas” the image showed the mannequin propped up on a bench with a sign that accused the bad boss of unfair dismissal.

読んだ: “I fired a 67-year-old, 20-year employee with a brain tumour just three weeks Christmas,” adding that they had “plenty of unused sick time.”

Although details have remained scarce, Reddit users were left in uproar by the “sad” case.

1 人のユーザーが書いた: “That’s sad, why not let them use their sick time and retire. Same end result but better for everyone involved.

While a second added: “What a sick individual.”


ボリス・ジョンソンは次の発表を予定しています 48 その他の制限に関する時間


ボリス・ジョンソンは次の発表を予定しています 48 その他の制限に関する時間

Others however took the opportunity to take aims at bosses in the area who they felt had exploited workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A furious user wrote: “I feel like employers big and small have all collectively lost their minds.

“They are on giant firing sprees in the middle of a global pandemic where the employees can’t be replaced.”

The latest alleged workplace misdemeanour comes just weeks after a worker accused their boss of mismanaging their cancer-stricken colleague to death after forcing her to do 13-hour shifts while enduring chemotherapy.

The outraged employee says their fellow worker couldbarely walk” そして “had trouble speakingby her last shift as the company allegedlydragged their feetin approving her medical leave.

The post on Reddit left users feeling disgusted, 以上で 1,000 commenting with their opinions.

ある人は言った: “Makes me so sad this happened, this poor woman. Even if it didn’t kill her, having some paid time off would have made her last time in this world way more comfortable.

別の追加: “There needs to be a law named after her making it mandatory to allow medical leave immediately. That poor woman spending the last months of her life like that!”

3番目は書いた: “These corporations look at people like inanimate objects. It’s gross.

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