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RHOBH fans demand show FIRE 2 key cast members for ‘disturbing’ comportement

REAL Housewives of Beverly Hills fans have demanded that the show fire two key cast members.

It comes after the stars were slammed for theirdisturbing” et “inacceptable” behavior in the latest jaw-dropping episode.

Fans were outraged by the latest episode of RHOBH

Fans were outraged by the latest episode of RHOBHCrédit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

As the latest instalment of RHOBH aired on Bravo, fans called for Kyle Richards, 53, and Erika Jayne, 50, to be dropped from the franchise.

It all went down at Garcelle Beauvais’ 55fête d'anniversaire, during which Kyle sat down as a mediator in a tense discussion between Sutton Stracke, 50, and Diana Jenkins, 49.

The two were discussing Diana’s recent miscarriage, and Sutton opened up to her that she had also lost two babies.

toutefois, Kyle escalated the situation between the two ladies when she cast doubts over Sutton’s claim.

I never heard this beforeI love you but this feels like b******t,” said the RHOBH OG.

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RHOBH's Erika SLAMMED for 'disturbing' behavior around Garcelle's 14-year-old son


RHOBH’s Erika SLAMMED for ‘disturbingbehavior around Garcelle’s 14-year-old son

Sutton broke down in tears as told Kyle: “Now you’re being really mean, sérieusement.

When it comes to miscarriages, it’s really meannow you’re saying that you didn’t know that I had miscarriages?”

Referring to Diana, Kyle grabbed Sutton by the shoulder and said: “She lost a baby, you did not. Maybe years ago, Je ne sais pas. This is recent.

Sur Twitter, viewers expressed their fury over Kyle’s comments.

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One described her asso aggressivewhile another slammed her choice of words asabsolute nonsense.

Kyle is fake and she’s no one’s friend,” raged a third.


entre-temps, fans were equally outraged by Erika’s actions at the party when she told Garcelle’s 14-year-old son: “Get the f**k out of here!”

It came after she had unsuccessfully flirted with Garcelle’s 31-year-old son Oliver, who is married.

Erika then appeared to vent her frustrations on the teenager when he came over to the area where she was sat to fetch flowers for his mom.

Following the nasty outburst, Cristal Kung Minkoff, 39, seemed shocked and escorted Jax outside, reassuring the teen: “Don’t listen to these ladies.

entre-temps, une “ivre” Erika yelled again: “Get out!”

Outside, Jax told his mom what happened, and she was furious with her co-star.

Garcelle told Erika: “Erika, you hurt Jax’s feelings, don’t talk to him like that! You said, ‘Get the f**k out of here.and that’s not okay. That’s not okay.

Erika looked bewildered, demander, “Garcelle are you serious?” to which she said firmly, “Oui,” before walking back out.

Fans were outraged over the Pretty Mess singer’s aggressive words, avec un écrit sur Twitter: “Erika – Your behavior is unacceptable. You guys need to send Garcelle’s son an apologythis is disgusting behavior.

Un autre a accepté: “Really disturbing. She’s so out of line.


Tonight’s drama comes after Erika mixed medication and liquor before she passed out in the middle of the day during a boat trip.

Worried fans said she’sspiralingas she made wild remarks and fell asleep after drinkingthree margaritas”.

Erika, who is experiencing legal troubles, went downhill after chartering a boat with her co-stars in Mexico.

Many viewers were concerned about the star, qui recently opened up about her anti-depressants use.

She recently revealed she was taking Lexapro because she haddreaded waking upamid her estranged husband Tom Girardi’s ongoing fraud scandal.

mais a incité plusieurs fans à faire de même en laissant le village olympique rempli de non-olympiens sur Tinder’ PAS DÉSOLÉ?

entre-temps, a later scene showed Kyle tried to make amends with Sutton after she had left her in tears with her miscarriage doubts.

As the two sat down for dinner, Kyle clarified: “I want to apologize, I don’t think you made that up… it was a knee-jerk reaction.

toutefois, she also slammed Sutton ashard to apologize to,” and some fans felt it was too little too late.

I didn’t think it was possible for you to look even worse,” scathed one on Twitter.

Un autre a écrit: “This apology by Kyle seems insincere.