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Cops dig for Moors Murder victim Keith Bennett as ‘child’s skull’ encontrado

POLICE are digging for the body of Moors murder victim Keith Bennett after a skull was found six decades after he was killed.

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley snatched the 12-year-old on June 16, 1964, as he made his way to his grandmother’s house.

Keith Bennett was murdered in 1968

Keith Bennett was murdered in 1968

He was strangled and buried on Saddleworth Moor by the depraved duo but his body has never been found.

Mas 58 years after he vanished, police are exhuming an area of land after suspected human remains were found, Daily Mail reports.

The skull is believed to belong to a child aged around 12 with a child’s upper jaw with a full set of teeth.

Detectives are also focusing on a sample of material believed to be clothing that was buried 3ft under the skull.

Forensic anthropologists from Greater Manchester Police are examining the samples.

The huge breakthrough could finally crack the riddle that has plagued police and his family for nearly 60 anos.

Tragicamente, Keith’s mum Winnie went to the grave without ever being able to bury her son.

The youngster was lured into a van by Hindley, who drove him to a lay-by on the Moor.

Brady then took him away to sexually assault and murder him while Hindley kept watch.

Keith’s family have fought ever since to recover the little lad’s remains.

After he was transferred from prison to maximum-security hospital Ashworth in November 1985, Brady confessed to Keith’s murder in an interview with reporters.

A search was carried out on the moors a year later, with Hindley joining officers in 1986 and Brady in 1987.

But Keith’s body was never found and it is became a grisly secret Brady took to the grave.

Keith's mum Winnie died without ever finding her son

Keith’s mum Winnie died without ever finding her son