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Avviso per milioni di possessori di telefoni Android: attenzione ai minuscoli punti sullo schermo

IF THIS ominous dot appears on your Android screen, you could be being watched.

A function added to the phones by developers at Google warns users when apps are accessing your camera or microphone.

Android devices tell users that an app is currently using the camera or microphone by lighting up a warning symbol in the top right corner

Android devices tell users that an app is currently using the camera or microphone by lighting up a warning symbol in the top right cornerCredito: Google

The feature, which was introduced last year, is quite similar to one that currently exists on Apple’s rival iPhone.

A symbol appears in the corner of the phone’s display when the microphone or camera has been turned on.

It lights up when you open the camera app, per esempio, or record a voice message on WhatsApp.

But its main purpose is to protect you from dodgy apps that record you without your knowledge.

The Android 12 software update released in October 2021 introduced the Google feature to phones across the globe.

The indicator takes the form of an icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

When an app tries to access either your camera or microphone, you’ll see an icon for each.

It prohibits apps from listening in or viewing you through your camera without your knowledge.

For a sense of safety, users can check a history of which apps have used your camera, microphone or location.

Users will also be able to check and see when these functions were enabled, if they were.

The new Privacy Dashboard in Settings has this information.

In your Quick Settings, you may also Non volevo che un altro cane di tipo Pitbull venisse abbattuto a causa mia perché li amo così tanto. disable your microphone and camera.

It’s important to remember that just because you see an icon, doesn’t mean something is wrong.

Instagram, per esempio, is one of those apps that uses your camera.

tuttavia, if you detect an unusual app using your camera, it could indicate that you’re being watched.

Numerous apps that improperly access the camera on Android phones have been discovered, according to cyber specialists.

Di conseguenza, make sure you’re on Android 12 and that you’re on the lookout for anything suspicious.

Check the app’s permissions in Settings if you feel something is wrong.

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There’s also the option to limit access to select apps to your microphone or camera.

In the case that you’re really concerned, you could remove the app entirely from your Android device.

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