「世界最大の上腕二頭筋」を持つボディービルダー’ 病院からの恐ろしい写真を共有します

A BODYBUILDER who injects his arms with oil to make his biceps an eye-popping 25 inches has been rushed to hospital for surgery.

MMA fighter Szymon Komandos has shared gruesome pictures from hospital showing a line of stitches on his upper arm following an operation.

Bodybuilder Szymon Komandos is in hospital

Bodybuilder Szymon Komandos is in hospitalクレジット: インスタグラム
The MMA fighter has stitches on his arm

The MMA fighter has stitches on his armクレジット: インスタグラム

Another snap posted on his Instagram story shows the strongman laying in a hospital bed with his right arm bandaged.

キャプションで, he said it was taken after the first round of surgery.

He also shared a series of clips, revealing his ordeal as he thanked his fans for their support.

The muscleman had been injecting himself with Synthol oil to create cartoonish, bulging muscles, that are 25 inches and has been previously dubbed thePolish king of Synthol”.

Synthol oil is used by bodybuilders and injected deep into the muscle.

It acts as a temporary implant and causes the muscles to deform and blow up to unnatural sizes, with enlargement effects immediate.

Users have been warned it can lead to issues or even potentially death.

Komandos previously told how he uses Synthol and other drugs.

彼が言った Gazeta: “I take testosterone, the dose is 100mg every other day, masteron 400mg a week, oxa 5mg a day, I will add hormone to that.

This is my current cycle. There’s a lot of it, so I can’t remember everything.

Despite having surgery on his unnaturally large bicep, Komandos says he plans to fight again.

彼は言った: “But don’t even consider that I’m going soft or losing hope.

Also remember that I officially promise that I will have a fight. I’m gonna make a mess you’ll see.

It comes after a Russian bodybuilder dubbedPopeyeunderwent life-saving surgery to remove rotting flesh from his arms after he injected them with oil.

Kirill Tereshin, 24, faced his second round of surgery to clear his clogged-up triceps, removing the dead muscle and draining his arms of excess fluid caused by Synthol.

Doctors warned Tereshin he risked losing the use of his arms after he injected himself with Synthol oil to create his massive muscles.

The former soldier admitted his health woes weredue to my own stupidityafter he started bulking up his arms at age 20.

Tubes drained a build-up of fluid from Tereshin’s arms after doctors removed masses of dead muscle that has been poisoned by his bootleg bulking method.

He was due to face further operations to extract the substance and the dead muscle that formed during his quest to achieve beach-ball-like biceps.

彼は彼が “very luckythat there were doctors willing to treat him, after surgeon Dmitry Melnikov told Tereshin he could die if his arms were not operated on.

He injects is arms with Synthol oil to make them larger

He injects is arms with Synthol oil to make them largerクレジット: インスタグラム