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Solicitantes de asilo’ las facturas de hotel cuestan casi 1.300 millones de libras esterlinas al año, informe de choque reclamos

ASYLUM claimants’ hotel bills cost nearly £1.3billion per year, a shock report claims.

Analysis suggests 25,000 are in short-term lodgings, at £4,300 a month each.

Asylum claimants' hotel bills cost nearly £1.3billion per year, a shock report claims

Solicitantes de asilo’ hotel bills cost nearly £1.3billion per year, a shock report claimsCrédito: Pedro Jordán – El sol

Otro 80,000 are in longer-term housing, which could cost an extra £550million per year.

Total asylum costs have hit £2billion for the first time, stats revealed this summer.

Tory MP Tom Hunt said last night: “The amount of money being spent is concerning.”

The number of migrants crossing the Channel to come to Britain has hit 30,515 this year after a further 667 got here on Wednesday.

Alp Mehmet, chairman of Migration Watch UK which compiled the report, called on new Home Secretary Suella Braverman to act.

Él dijo: “As the illegal boat arrivals soared over the summer, the number being housed in hotels has likely gone up too.

“It is now costing the already hard-pressed taxpayer eye-watering sums.

“The Home Secretary must now show the resolve needed to deal with the costly chaos.”


THE open-borders brigade pretend asylum- seekers are no real burden.

But we now know what that burden is: A staggering £2billion a year, of which £1.3billion is hotel bills.

That figure will only climb, with more than 30,000 illegal migrants having landed on our beaches this year so far.

Our new Government vows to finally end this scandal. Cómo, exactamente?

Liz Truss failed even to mention it to President Macron in New York. Por qué?