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Love Island’s Hannah Elizabeth slams ‘bitter’ trolls over face surgery comments

LOVE Island star Hannah Elizabeth has hit out atbitter and jealoustrolls after nasty comments about her face surgery.

Die reality TV-ster – who rose to fame on the original series of the ITV2 dating showhas been keeping fans up to date with her latest round of surgeries after jetting abroad.

Hannah hit back at trolls after her surgery

Hannah hit back at trolls after her surgeryKrediet: Instagram
The TV star slammed "vile women" for the messages on Instagram

The TV star slammedvile womenfor the messages on InstagramKrediet: INSTAGRAM

Model Hannah, 32, recently headed to Turkey for a fresh round of procedures, and vowed to be candid about the results on her Instagram bladsy.

pos waar sy saam met haar oudste kind geposeer het, she took to her social media page to update her followers on her new breast implants, fox eye lift and eyelid surgery.

But after showing off the results of her surgeries, the star admitted she had been the target ofvile and bitter” boodskappe.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Ek haat my 12-jarige seun: “Sick of messages from vile, bitter women. Eerlik, it’s disgusting.

It stinks of nothing but bitterness and jealously, so please don’t comment on what I do with MY BODY. I’m a 32-year-old woman, not a young child.

Sy gaan aan: “Blows my mind how many women comment in the DMs yet wouldn’t dream of coming up to me in the street to comment.

My body, my face, and if I do say so myself, I’ve always done things nice to suit me. I can’t win.

Hannah concluded by thanking the fans that hadflooded her with lovefollowing the hateful messages.

Vroeër vandag, Hannah revealed her new breast implantsas she took to her Instagram stories with a snap of her chest in a bra.

Go big or go home babes,” former Playboy star Hannah captioned the snap, as she revealed she had larger implants put in her chest.

New breast implants after having the baby has really helped me fill out the loose pocket and also helped with my rippling,” het sy bygevoeg.

I’m blown away, I couldn’t be happier.

Hannah also went on to show off the results of her other surgeries, which includedeyelid surgery” en a “fox eye lift”.

She detailed of her past surgeries: “My first boob job at 18, here I am now, same person, still loving what I love. New implants at 32.

Hierdie week, Hannah revealed the results of her latest cosmetic surgeryclaiming she is “obsessief” with her Bratz-doll appearance.

She uploaded an image showing her bandaged face and tape stuck over her eyelids as she lay on the hospital bed.

Die Liefde-eiland alumni flashed her plump pout to the camera for her selfie, wat sy onderskrif het: “Day one I feel like a Bratz – Ek is obsessief.”

A close-up snap, showing the grey bandages across her face, came with her gushing caption: “Couldn’t have asked for more. Exactly what I wanted I’m made up.

She underwent a series of surgeries, including an eye lift

She underwent a series of surgeries, including an eye liftKrediet: Instagram