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L'hotel offre un vantaggio bizzarro per il nuovo personale & la gente pensa che sia un'idea brillante

A HOTEL chain offering a bizarre incentive to new staff so they stick around longer than six months.

German-based Ruby Hotels is being praised for their ingenuity over giving new employees the chance to spend up to £421 on a new tattoo, piercing or haircut if they pass their probationary period.

Ruby Hotels are offering an incentive to new employees

Ruby Hotels are offering an incentive to new employeesCredito: Ruby Hotel
The brand has offered a tattoo, piercing or new haircut to anyone who stays over six months

The brand has offered a tattoo, piercing or new haircut to anyone who stays over six monthsCredito: Ruby Hotel
GV of Ruby Hotel

GV of Ruby HotelCredito: Ruby Hotel

Across the brand’s 16 hotels around Europe, already there’s been an increase of applications by 25 per cento.

Uta Scheurer, Ruby’s vice president of human resources, said its been asatisfactory result”, given the shortage of staff across the hotel industry in Europe.

Lei disse CNN: “Ruby wants to encourage its employees to create their individual success story, to show their own personality and also showcase it at work.

We love people with personality and that’s what we want to communicate.

Ms Scheurer says each character of the invidual employee is what makes Ruby successful.

She has tattoos herself, and explains how often permanent inking, piercings and tattoos are used by people to express themselves.

The hotel spokeswoman said: “They’re different for everyone, emotional for everyone, with a meaning.

At Ruby, she says they encourage everyone to be themselves.

Lei disse: “Many companies claim that; We prove it with this campaign.

For the current workers who may feel as though they missed out, they’ve been offered their own deal.

If an existing employee recruits a new one, they both get a tattoo.

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