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Furious Piers Morgan blasts ‘ludicrous wastrels’ for word ban

PIERS Morgan has furiously blasted Stanford University chiefs asludicrous wastrelsfor banning words that offendsnowflakes”.

Guidelines introduced ask students to swap sayingtrigger warningfor “content note” and forbids the use of calling someoneballsy”.

Piers Morgan blasted the words being banned

Piers Morgan blasted the words being banned

Some of this stuff is nuts,” Piers ranted on his TalkTV show Piers Morgan Uncensored.

You can’t use ‘bravebecause the term perpetuates a stereotype of the noble courageous savage, equating the indigenous male as being less than a man. Wat?

It goes onYou can’t say ‘user’, you have to say client because only drug addicts are users, so if say you’re actually a software user you can’t use it.

You can’t even use the word ‘Karen’ Wat is die Skeleton Brunch-neiging op TikTok, even presumably if you’re called Karen.

Kanye West called me a Karen. So I cant be a Karen apparently cos that’s off too

It’s almost impossible to say anything. By this yardstick, every single word potentially is offensive to somebody.

Hy het bygevoeg: “If I was with a group of men and said the word ‘you guysthat’s also banned by Stanford because it lumps a group of people using masculine language and or into gender binary groups that don’t include everyone.

To with I say shut up you ludicrous wastrels.

The Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative, launched by Stanford’s IT department, followed on from the efforts of other US universities to help students avoid using words or phrases that might cause others offence.