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Lo shock di MAFS UK quando Whitney suggerisce che NON sposerà Matt dopo aver litigato infuocato

MARRIED At First Sight UK fans will be left in shock as Whitney Hughes hints she WON’T marry Matt Murray.

La coppia – who were originally not married to each other on the E4 dating experimentwere allowed to continue on with each other after dumping their original partners.

Whitney looks to be unsure about her relationship with Matt

Whitney looks to be unsure about her relationship with MattCredito: Canale 4
Whitney and Matt got together after cheating on their partners

Whitney and Matt got together after cheating on their partnersCredito: Eroteme

But tonight, Whitney, 31, is set to tell her pal that she’s unsure whether she will continue her relationship with Matt, anche 31.

The pair have been engaged in a series of rows with other cast members in recent dayscausing tension between them.

Sitting down with a pal tonight, Whitney will reveal: “It’s been good, it’s been really nice…”

Her friend Ally then quizzes her: “Do you feel like this could be a guy who is in your life for a long time? Are you looking far ahead?”

To which Whitney shockingly replies: “I still feel like there’s learning and growing to dowe still have to learn about each other.

It would be interesting to see us in a normal setting where we don’t have to defend ourselves, but it’s a big deal.

Three hours drive is a long time, with long distance relationships you have to have patience with each other, and to communicate really well. I’ve just go to see if that’s something I can do.

Despite starting off strong, Whitney becomes more and more unsure throughout the clip until she is left witha lot to think about”.

I am a little bit worried I’m not going to be able to continue to be open and vulnerable,” Whitney concludes in the clip.

It comes as viewers of Married At First Sight UK have been calling for Matt and Whitney to be axed from the show, slamming them as “impostore”.

The couple were then granted permission from the experts to stay on the controversial dating show, but fans were left furious.

Last night during their commitment ceremony, viewers were in shock that the pair were given a chance to read vows to each other.

They took to social media to hit out that Matt and Whitney are “impostore” and have called for them to be removed from the programme.

What vows are Matt and Whitney renewing? They didn’t even wed!” one fan hit out on Twitter last night. “So fake.

Positive of watching MAFS UK on catchup is you can fast forward Matt and Whitney and their fake relationship,” un secondo ha detto.

I am a Matt and Whitney supporter HOWEVER, what the hell are they renewing? They gonna fake some drama now?” un terzo ha scritto.

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While a fourth penned: “It’s going to be an hour of pretending they’re not going to say yes when I know they all do. So fake, so tedious.

Nel frattempo, fans were left in shock last night after Adrian Sanderson exploded at Matt during a huge showdown.