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Future Food Stars viewers cringe as contestants make HUGE cooking blunders and beg Gordon Ramsay to sack them all

FUTURE Food Stars were left horrified after the contestants made a string of HUGE cooking blunders and begged Gordon Ramsay tosack the lot of them”.

The second instalment kicked off tonight’s episode in a woodland located in the Chilterns for their next challenge.

Future Food Stars viewers were gobsmacked a the string of obvious cooking blunders

Future Food Stars viewers were gobsmacked a the string of obvious cooking blunders
The green team served up raw venison

The green team served up raw venisonCredito: BBC

The group were tasked with hosting a feast for paying guests, offering the highest level of hospitality by creating a three course meal and designing the perfect outdoor venue.

The TV chef split the groups into two teams – Jen, Amit, Michelle, Valentina, Asher and Bola were on the red team. Meaning Leah, Jamie, Steph, Victoria and Matthew made up the green team.

Each team had a site to host their events, with a firepit and basic cooking equipment for a kitchen.

But it’s safe to say that things were not plain sailing and from the get-go that the forest experience was fast becoming a nightmare.


Gordon Ramsay's Future Food Stars contestants: full line up


Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars contestants: full line up

The green team served up raw venison, leaving the guests horrified and Gordon forced to use his favourite F-word.

Leah then offered one of the vegetarians a hat to wear and Jamie messed up his welcome speech.

Nel frattempo, the red team failed to check their guests allergy requirements after serving up a pine nut starter and then dished up a non-vegan dish to three vegan guests which contained honey in it.

They then mistakenly miscounted the main dishes, meaning two guests had to wait longer for their meals.

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It went from bad to worse as the guests struggled to bite into Amit’s overcooked rabbit.

Viewers were dumfounded by the poor performance and were convinced that the contestants must be “attori”.

Uno ha scritto: “Gordon Ramsay are you sacking more than one tonight? Sack the lot of them please. #futurefoodstars

I’m sure these lot are worse than Alan Sugar’s Apprentices. #futurefoodstars,” a second posted.

Another baffled fan commented: “Honey to vegans. Toxic mushroom joke. Nut allergies. Raw venison. I have no more cringe to give. #futurefoodstars

The team with a vegan in it is the one that served it to the vegan diners. God they really are useless. At the moment I can’t see any of them deserving to win this, there’s no redeeming features from any of them. #futurefoodstars,” qualcun altro ha detto.

Another shocked viewer commented: “Did they just feed honey to a vegan??? #futurefoodstars

A fourth shared: “I loved the starter introduction ‘we picked these mushrooms, they look like the poisonous ones…Buon appetito’ #futurefoodstars

One joked: “Surely these are actors because they are thick as f***. #futurefoodstars

Un altro twittato: “Their faces say I can’t believe I’ve paid £50 for this! #futurefoodstarsput them all in the fire pit.

Gordon gave the group a grilling and then delivered the results.

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The green team won with seven out of ten guests agreeing that it was good value for money, opposed to the red team, con 11 fuori da 12 guests refusing to pay.

Unfortunately Jen was sacked for failing to lead the team and her inability to manage strong characters.

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