EMMERDALE fans were left stunned as Billy Fletcher stripped down after Will Taylor’s drink fuelled wild stag do.

As the much-anticipated wedding of Will and Kim Tate draws closer, the couple enjoy celebrating their last bit of freedomwhich leads to a shocking confession from Will to Harriet.

Will and Kim enjoy their last bit of freedom

Will and Kim enjoy their last bit of freedomクレジット: ITV
Billy stripped down after stag do antics

Billy stripped down after stag do anticsクレジット: レックス

Will’s stag do started at The Woolpack where he informed his party that the night should bekept cleanunder strict instructions from Kimbut that didn’t go to plan.

At first Billy was hesitant being at the stag do, but Will insisted toforget all the drama, let’s just enjoy my last bit of freedom.

後で, the drunk stags were laughing in the middle of the village and Jimmy came in carrying Billy in a wheelbarrow who was wearing nothing but a sack.

They nearly crashed into policewoman Harriet who ordered them to stop and ask Billy for a his logbook and licence.

When she asked where Billy’s clothes were, Jimmy said they were missing and that Billy’s legs don’t work.

Harriet then joked: “I’m afraid I am going to have to arrest Billy for being naked in a stolen vehicle.

A drunk Will then came up to hug Harriet and said: “I do love you Harrietyou know that it’s only ever been you for me.

Harriet suggested he should go home as he is pulled off her.

As he was put into a taxi cab, Will declared: “This isn’t going to be over you know. This will never be over.

Has old feelings come rushing to the surface for Will?

その間, Lydia planned a big treat for Kim.

She hired a Neil Diamond tribute act to sing a duet with her.

They sang Forever in Blue Jeans and soon the rest of the hen party joined in singing the classic number.

With Kim in high spiritshow long will it last?

Emmerdale boss has teased more fireworks to come before the nuptials.

彼女は言いました: “She [Harriet] is getting wrapped up in Will’s life, a little too much than she should be. That has an impact on his upcoming nuptials.

I’m really playing with fire there. But it’s the last chance saloon, she’s got to make her feelings known before he walks down the aisle and that’s it.

Harriet is no Kim Tate but they are both feisty women and able to look after themselves, so there will be more fireworks. They will have their moments.

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Does Will still have feelings for Harriet?

Does Will still have feelings for Harriet?クレジット: ITV



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