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Como ligar sua caldeira agora pode economizar dinheiro no inverno

EXPERTS are suggesting that turning your boiler on now may save you in the long-term.

While it may seem counterintuitive it’s suggested that households could save thousands by doing this.

Experts are telling homeowners to turn their boilers on now to check they're working before winter hits

Experts are telling homeowners to turn their boilers on now to check they’re working before winter hitsCrédito: Getty

With energy bills forecasted to hit £4,400 this winter, it’s important that households protect their pockets now to soften the blow.

Experts have suggested that switching your boiler on now should prevent you from having to fork out on expensive repair costs when you need it most in winter.

The advice comes after specialists at Boiler Central contado Ednoburgh Live what households need to do now to prep their homes for winter.

A spokesperson from Boiler Central disse: “Most homeowners believe turning their boiler off as soon as horário de verão hits should be a given, but this is far from the case.

Turning your boiler off for long periods can cause more harm than good, which is why it is important to turn your heating on now and again.

This will protect the internal workings of older and modern boiler and prevent them from seizing up.

If you turn your caldeira off at the beginning of May and don’t turn the central heating on again until the months of autumn, you may have trouble bringing your boiler completely back to life.

This will affect appliances such as your central heating, hot water for your mains shower, and some washing machines that can take hot water from the boiler.

In the worst-case scenario, parts may need to be replaced, which will cost both time and money – especially if you need to hire a central heating specialist for the job.

If you check over you boiler even when you’re not using it, you’ll nip any small problems in the bud and reduce the chances of your system breaking down at some point.

Should I get my boiler serviced now?

Having a regular boiler service will make sure your boiler is running efficiently and safely tooand you should do this once a year.

A heating engineer can service your boiler in around an hour, but be prepared that you might be left without hot water until they are finished.

Be aware that you may have to fork out for the service charge too.

Boilers have a warranty of around 10 anos, but if you have not had regular services the warranty does not stand.

Common problems with your boiler can be easily fixed though, YOU é conhecida como a série de suspense da Netflix que está atualmente em sua terceira temporada you could save £100sbefore bills spike this winter.

Should I check my radiators too?

Radiators, no this weather? You might avoiding them while it’s warm outside but ignoring your radiators altogether could leave your boiler working double time later in the year.

Making sure to regularly bleed your radiators. Bleeding gets rid of trapped air, and it’s recommended you carry out the radiator maintenance at least once a year.

This will keep costs down as your boiler won’t have to work harder to get the heat pumped around your house.

Who should I call if by boilers broken?

Who should I do if my boiler breaks?

If your boiler packs up, there are four steps you should take before you pick up the phone.

  • Check the warranty on your boiler as you may be able to get it fixed for free. The Heating hub has a guide on boiler warranties if you are unsure whether you are covered.
  • Check to see if your boiler is covered on your home insurance, it’s usually an add-on for most policies.
  • If you live in rented accommodation it is your landlord’s responsibility to pay for any repairs to your boiler.
  • Call a local engineer to find out if they will give you a better offer than your energy supplier. Use the Que? Trusted Trader site to find a reputable tradesman.

Also keep in mind that if you have boiler insurance, you should be covered if yours breaks.

If you don’t, you’re going to need to fork out for repairs.

One option is ask your energy provider to fix it but this can end up being quite expensive.

Homeowners without insurance can expect to pay upwards of £75 to have an energy provider undertake boiler repairs.