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EE spoilers: Janine Butcher gets shocking bombshell during hospital visit

JANINE BUTCHER gets the shock of her life after fainting and being taken to hospital.

Next week on the jabón de la bbc, Janine surprises Mick with a day trip, but it clashes with the day of Linda’s meeting with her brief.

Janine tells Mick to support Linda

Janine tells Mick to support LindaCrédito: BBC
Janine faints after thinking she has a stomach bug

Janine faints after thinking she has a stomach bugCrédito: BBC

Realising she would benefit from Linda doing well in court, Janine suggests Mick goes, appearing slightly unwell.

Mas tarde, Linda’s hopes are dashed when she learns custody of Annie won’t be immediately granted.

When Sonia brings in a sick Scarlett, Janine is convinced that they have the same bug.

sin embargo, while tending to Scarlett Janine faints.

En el hospital, Sonia and Janine are left shell-shocked when the doctor reveals that Janine is pregnant.

Reeling from her news, Sonia encourages Janine to tell Mick.

How will Mick react to the news? Will it interfere with Mick’s lingering feelings for his ex wife Linda? Will Janine keep the baby?

EastEnders airs Mondays to Thursdays at 7:30pm en BBC One.

Janine contemplates keeping the baby

Janine contemplates keeping the babyCrédito: BBC
How will Mick react to the baby news?

How will Mick react to the baby news?Crédito: BBC

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