Check out the best art subscription boxes

TIME to decrease your screen time and up your creativity with the best art subscription boxes around.

Whether you’re a semi-professional artist or simply looking for a more mindful activity than mindlessly scrolling on your phone, art is always a good idea.

Each month, you can receive some goodies through your door, from watercolour paints to crayons and colouring books.

Let’s release your inner Andy Warhol and help you decorate your home with some amazing creations.

Check out the best art subscription boxes that we could find below.

Best art subscription boxes at a glance:


Each of Craftiosity’s craft kits come with step by step instructions to produce some of the whackiest creations.

Think dreamcatchers, towels and clocks.

At less than £25 a month, this is definitely worth it for adding some new hobbies to your roster.


Artful box is in partnership with Create: a UK charity empowering lives through the creative arts.

Equipped with stylish brushes, paints and everything you need to get in artist-mode, it’s a box full of quality materials.

“The Artful boxes are a great way to try an artistic medium that you might not have used before, or have a limited understanding of,” says one fan.


Art In a Box

Ready to see if your little one has what it takes to compete with the greats?

The Art in a Box range is complete with paints, brushes, pencils and everything your child needs to create some of their finest art.

There is free shipping on all boxes and they start from just £23.50.

Le Timbre

With Le Timbre, each month you receive an exclusive fine art print to your door.

Not only is it a great way to discover new talent, your home will also be the prettiest around. Win, win.

Prices start from 19 euros and go up to 102 euros, with free shipping around Europe.

Smart Art

Starting from £36.99 when booked for six months, the Smart Art subscription is a service for fantastic art supplies.

They’re so confident that if you’re unhappy with your box, you can even receive a full refund and cancel your subscription.

Scrawlr Box

Each of Scrawlr’s popular boxes features “premium” art supplies, an art challenge, magazine, sticker and even a little sweet treat too.

Plus, with the sale of every box, a tree is planted. Love that.

Art Snacks

If you’re into drawing and mixed media then Art Snacks is the one for you.

Featuring quality art supplies, it’s ideal for someone taking their creativity seriously with a menu card describing each product inside and techniques to try out.

Craft and Boogie

Complete with crafts, games, recipes and colouring pages, the Craft and Boogie kit is perfect for bringing out your little ‘uns creative side.

Each box contributes to help kids in foster care, students in under-resourced schools and patients in children’s hospitals too.

Make and Wonder

Make and Wonder is for the real art lovers out there and people wanting to learn more about artists.

Every month, you can receive a unique artist-inspired box to recreate some of your favourite famous art.