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Boyfriend’s family won’t put my name on gifts and won’t accept he’s gay

LIEBE DEIDRE: MY boyfriend’s family never put my name on Christmas gifts they buy, even though we have been together for ten years.

I’m a guy of 39 und er ist 37.

My family love him and their presents are always to both of us.

But his relatives only ever have my boyfriend’s name on the gift tag.

I’ve talked to him about how this upsets me but he says, “I can’t say anything to them, can I?”.

Even his gay cousin does the same thing, yet we address the presents to him and his boyfriend.

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DEIDRE SAGT: This may not be about you, but the fact your boyfriend is gay and his family can’t accept it.

Tell him again how you are feeling and if he won’t talk to his family about it, then keep socialising with them to a minimum and put your focus into being part of your own family.

You will find support through standalone.org.uk, which helps people estranged or disowned from family.