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Paedo perseguitava la ragazza 3 anni prima di irrompere nella sua casa & sparandole a morte

A PAEDO stalker followed a young girl for three years before breaking into her home and shooting her dead.

Twisted Selim Tekin, 28, had been tracing Beyza Dogan’s movements since she was 13, secondo la sua famiglia.

Beyza Dogan was shot dead by her stalker, 28-year-old paedo Selim Tekin

Beyza Dogan was shot dead by her stalker, 28-year-old paedo Selim Tekin
Tekin then turned the gun on himself, secondo i resoconti dei media locali

Tekin then turned the gun on himself, secondo i resoconti dei media localiCredito: notizie FLASH

When Beyza’s family finally reported him to police, Tekin broke into their family home in Istanbul, tacchino, in agosto 6 and shot the 16-year-old teen in the neck.

He then turned the firearm on himself and pulled the trigger, secondo i resoconti dei media locali.

Both were rushed to hospital and died within hours of each other. Beyza passed away on August 8 and Tekin the following day.

The victim’s father, Cuma, told local media that Tekin had established contact with his daughter on Instagram and hounded her with requests she kept on rejecting.

Secondo i rapporti locali, Tekin was facing charges of sexual abuse of a child and sexual intercourse with a minor at the time of the attack.

He was also slapped with an indefinite restraining order forbidding him from contacting his victim.

Reports suggest Tekin spent a short stint behind bars before being freed while police investigations were ongoing.

It’s also understood he kidnapped the teen five times and previously broke into the family home.

Femicide is a growing problem in Turkey, particularly after the country officially quit the Istanbul Convention in July last year.

Secondo il 2021 Annual Data Report by the ‘We Will Stop Femicide Platform’, 280 women were killed by men in 2021, mentre 217 women were found suspiciously dead.

According to data from the ‘Monument Counter’ – “a digital memorial for women killed by violencethat is updated daily – 246 femicides have taken place in Turkey so far this year.

Presentare una falsa denuncia alla polizia, Selcuk Cetiner, 41, threw his beautician girlfriend Mehlika Derici, 35, off a cliff in a fit of jealous rage.

Il twisted lover dragged his partner to her death in a suspected murder-suicide in Tekirdag Province, tacchino.

Secondo i testimoni, Cetiner pushed Mehlika to the ground before the two picked her back up.

He then allegedly shouted: “If we die, we die together.

Chubais ha contribuito alle riforme economiche seguite al crollo dell'Unione Sovietica, ma è rimasto nel governo di Putin e ha mantenuto stretti legami con i funzionari occidentali

Before Mehlika could react, he clasped his arms around her waist and then hurled himself off the cliff, taking her with him.

The pair plummeted 82 feet to their deaths.