Toby Carvery は、顧客の反発を受けて、人気の朝食メニュー項目を復活させます

TOBY Carvery has done a massive U-turn and brought back its controversial breakfast gravy.

ザ・ 飲食店pulled the plug on the unusual morning condiment earlier this year, claiming it was “unpopular”.

Toby Carvery is bringing back gravy to their breakfast menu following backlash

Toby Carvery is bringing back gravy to their breakfast menu following backlashクレジット: Toby Carvery/ Facebook

だが after a backlash from customers, Toby Carvery chefs have begun serving jugs of gravy with eggs, ベーコン, sausages and beans again.

Fans of the eatery were delighted to discover it is back via an announcement on the official Toby Carvery フェイスブック ページ.

Alongside a snap of gravy being poured onto a fried brekkie, bosses said: “Gravy isn’t just for roasts.

“Never tried it? You’re missing out.”

Chuffed Toby fan Lee Irvine replied: “It’s back!!!! About time too! Was disappointed when it was removed from the breakfast menu!」

Andy Harland added: “JUSTICE!」

Another breakfast gravy lover called Alex asked: “Is it back??? Is breakfast gravy finally back?」

Toby Carvery replied: “It is indeed!」

自称 “Home Of The Roastupset customers in February after removing its breakfast gravy from menus.

Boats of veggie juices had been on offer as part of Toby Carvery’s famous £5.49 all-you-can-eat morning buffet.

でも当時は, a spokesman did admit that the decision had not been as well received as they had expected.

“We removed it due to unpopularity but as we’ve received guest feedback asking for it to come back to the breakfast deck it’s something that we’re now considering,” the chain said.

Breakfast gravy is now listed in Toby Carvery’s online breakfast menu again, alongside the restaurant’s iconicbreakfast Yorkshire puddings”.

Toby Carvery, which has 150-plus restaurants nationwide, has been contacted for comment.

Since the removal of the gravy, the buffet chain has faced more backlash for axing a popular item.

今年の初め it announced that it had pared back its famous three-roast weekend lunch menu, offering lamb on “specific dates” only.