Rishi Sunak stopped Covid chaos from ruining Britain – now he’s the man to run it

AT THIS catastrophic time, when we are dealing with the aftermath of Covid, the cost of living crisis and the Russia-Ukraine war, we must govern the nation compassionately and responsibly.

That’s why I’m backing Rishi.

Rishi Sunak saved the nation during Covid, and he's the right man to lead us now

Rishi Sunak saved the nation during Covid, and he’s the right man to lead us nowCredit: AFP

In some ways it seems like a lifetime ago when Covid crashed onto our shores and we were plunged into lockdown.

Millions faced destitution. Businesses were teetering on the brink of collapse.

People were seriously worrying that they would not be able to feed and clothe their families.

There is one person who stopped that from happening – Rishi Sunak.

He set up furlough, stopping a tsunami of unemployment hitting Britain.

In a crisis he can cut the mustard.

And he is tough.

It is easy for people to play Father Christmas every day of the year – offering tax cuts and spending.

Rishi knows that sometimes you have to say no.

I should know. I am one of those who has been lobbying hard for cash to help hard-up Brits.

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Rishi vows to 'give everything to service UK' as he storms ahead in PM race


Rishi vows to ‘give everything to service UK’ as he storms ahead in PM race

We have a moral duty to pay down the public debt.

But even though Rishi is walking a tightrope on spending and tax, he has still listened to people like me and cut fuel duty and NICs for millions of the most vulnerable.

And he will be tough with tyrants like Vladimir Putin.

God forbid, it is five minutes to midnight and a real catastrophe rocks the world – like Russia invading another democratic country – we can sleep safe in our bed knowing he is someone who we can trust in a crisis.

I originally backed my good friend and colleague Sajid Javid to be the next PM.

But he didn’t get through and now after days of careful consideration – I think Rishi is the man for the job.

I met him on Tuesday morning and discussed his plan for the country and told him he had my support.