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Alex Beresford de Good Morning Britain a été surpris en train de remonter ses chaussettes alors qu'une erreur maladroite le laisse inconscient qu'il est devant la caméra

GOOD Morning Britain’s Alex Beresford was caught hiking his socks up on air after an awkward blunder left him unaware that he was on camera.

The 40-year-old star was presenting the breakfast show alongside Charlotte Hawkins aujourd'hui.

Alex didn't realise he was on camera as he turned to pull his sock up

Alex didn’t realise he was on camera as he turned to pull his sock up
He co-hosted the show alongside Charlotte Hawkins

He co-hosted the show alongside Charlotte Hawkins

With the programme supposed to cut to local news, Alexis told viewers: “Now let’s take a look at the news, travel, and weather where you are.

The camera then panned out on the studio, but it didn’t cutinstead the stars seen chatting while Charlotte sipped on her drink.

Alex then abruptly turned in his chair and bizarrely lifted his leg, being shown to yank up a sock before the camera finally cut.

Prendre sur Twitter, one fan said of the gaffe: “@alexberesfordTVnice socks! The camera forgot to cut to the news…

toutefois, Alex and Charlotte brushed off the blunder when they returned to our screensmaking no mention of what had happened.

Plus tôt cette semaine, Bonjour la Grande-Bretagne came under fire when Charlotte and co-host Ranvir Singh made FOUR mistakes when chatting to a Game of Thrones star.

Viewers at home were left cringing as they quizzed Iwan Rheonand almost every question that he was asked proved to be incorrect.

The actor politely corrected the multitude of mistakes, including him being in a band, wanting to go on Eurovision, and his child’s birthday.

But fans at home were less forgiving, calling tosack the researcheras they slammed the “douloureux” entrevue.

GMB’s Ranvir and Charlotte make FOUR awkward blunders in painful interview with Game of Thrones legend