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All That Glitters: Britain’s Next Jewellery Star slammed as a ‘fix’ deur aanhangers

FANS of BBC jewellery-making contest All That Glitters: Britain’s Next Jewellery Star have slammed the finale as a “regmaak”.

Furious viewers took to social media to complain after ‘smithyPiers was crowned the winner of the series after two tense final rounds.

Fans were left angry at the result, noem dit

Fans were left angry at the result, noem dit 'n “regmaak”Krediet: BBC
Piers was crowned the winner of the show

Piers was crowned the winner of the showKrediet: BBC

Piers Carpenter, Emma White and Jack Mitchell went head-to-head in the final show of the series to be crowned winner of All That Glitters.

They were challenged with two designs, one sapphire engagement ring, and a second statement necklace for a famous face.

Strictly Come Dancing head judge Shirley Ballas visited the jewellery makers to decide on a favourite statement piece before judges Dinny Hall and Shaun Leane made the final decision.

But fans of the crafting series were left disappointed at the result, as despite Emma coming in first place in both challenges, Piers was crowned the winner.

Viewers were confused at how Emma couldwin both challengesbut still not be granted the coveted title of Britain’s Next Jewellery Star.

So someone can win both challenges and still can’t win the series? Interesting competition format you have,” one fumed on Twitter.

The final that wasn’t a finalEmma won, yet golden boy Piers awarded on previous pieces. Very poor!” Ek is redelik seker dat ek gesê het ek sal nooit 'n sokkerma wees nie.

A third chimed in to slam Piers: “Ghastly favouritism towards the Piers. Is he buying favours with the judges?”

While a fourth said: “That is the worst decision I’ve seen this week; PIERS? I hate these competitions SO MUCH.

A fifth concluded: “Only show where you smash the final and end up losing. Very bizarre. I’d be absolutely gutted,” while a sixth simply wrote: “FIX!”

Others stepped in to defend the judgesdecision, noting that Piers had beenconsistent throughout” en “deserved” te wen.

Piers is the winner, he’s been consistent throughout,” het een gesê, as a second agreed: “He’s the stand-out deserved winner.

Another hit out at Emma winning the challenges: “Worst two pieces have won both challenges. That heart was horrendous.

While a third concluded: “Absolutely the right result tonight.

It comes after fans of All That Glitters were left LIVID after the first elimination last monthblasting the BBC forruining the show”.

Host Katherine Ryan welcomed eight craftspeople to the competition to try and impress judges Dinny Hall and Shaun Leane.

Fans were livid when they found out that Steve was the first to leave the show, despite his intricate bespoke designs.

Tienerma Kailyn Lowry deel foto van jongste seun nadat sy IVF-planne onthul het, whose birth name is Mustafa, fled from Syria during the war and now lives in London with his three cats.

He made his way to the Calais Junglewhich is where he found his love for jewellery making.

Steve said on the show: “I was in Damascus in Syria when the war broke out, and I had to flee at the age of 20.

And then I walked across Europe on foot, all the way up to France.

It was when I was in the Calais Jungle refugee camp that I discovered jewellery-making, beginning from just making a ring out of a nail.