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La mamma che ha rotto la gamba del suo bambino era libera di ucciderlo quasi anni dopo

A MUM tried to murder her son years after breaking his leg when he was a four-week-old baby, a shocking new report reveals.

The young boy from Teeside was viciously assaulted by his mother as she tried to kill him last summer.

A mum was left free to attempt to murder her young son four years after breaking his leg as a baby, a shocking new report has found  (STOCK PHOTO)

A mum was left free to attempt to murder her young son four years after breaking his leg as a baby, a shocking new report has found (STOCK PHOTO)Credito: Getty

It came after no “recognisable form” of police investigation was carried out when the boyknown as Child Thad his leg broken by her while a baby in February, 2016.

The 37-page report, commissioned by the Hartlepool and
Stockton-on-Tees Safeguarding Children Partnership (HSSCP), blasted “concerning failures” from authorities responsible for the boy’s care over a four-year period.

In 2016, he was just four weeks old, the boy’s mother rang 111 as he wasn’t moving his leg.

Investigations and x-rays revealed he’d suffered a broken femur in the previous 10 giorni.


Social care teams returned him home with his mum, who was later jailed while the injured youngster is now in foster care.

Independent reviewer Dr Jeremy Pearson said Child T came to the attention of agencies after suffering the “extremely serious non-accidental injury”.

The report says the youngster was exposed to further risk of harm by the “inadequate response” of bodies tasked with keeping vulnerable children safe.

It states: “Given the extensive history associated with the case, and the overriding imperative to protect Child T, safeguarding agencies should have retained a determined focus on ensuring that Mother did not pose a current or future risk to either child.


“This failed to happen, and the recommendations contained within this report are intended to address these failings and to minimise the risk of recurrence.

Dr Pearson added the mum was never interviewed by police after the boy’s leg was broken.

The report also highlighted how professionals had raised concerns about the mum in 2017 e 2018.

During summer, 2020, the mum, who suffered mental health issues, attacked the little boy in an attempt to kill him.

The review said: “The safest and most definitive way of providing Child T with the protection to which he was entitled, would have been to have removed him from the environment where he was exposed to the risk of further harm.

“Opportunities to take this course of action were considered a number of times but were never taken.”

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