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Rishi Sunak diz que Liz Truss é 'imoral'’ depois que ela o comparou a Gordon Brown

RISHI Sunak branded Liz Truss “immoral” yesterday after she compared his “socialist tax and spend” policies to those of Gordon Brown.

In another brutal day of campaigning, the ­former Chancellor also slammed the Foreign Secretary’s judgment.

Liz Truss compared Rishi Sunak's 'socialist tax and spend' policies to those of Gordon Brown

Liz Truss compared Rishi Sunak’s ‘socialist tax and spendpolicies to those of Gordon BrownCrédito: PA
Sunak hit back by slamming the Foreign Secretary as 'immoral'

Sunak hit back by slamming the Foreign Secretary as ‘immoralCrédito: PA

Yet her team said only she could build a “high wage, high growth, low tax economy”.

Então, com Senhora Truss looking increasingly a shoe-in for the top job, multi-millionaire Senhor Sunak set tongues wagging by turning up to a Tory hustings in Darlington in a pair with a hole in the sole.

Just last week Mr Sunak, known for flash footwear including £450 Prada loafers and £95 sliders, told Sky News presenter Kay Burley he was wearing “the same suit and the same shoes” he wore when announcing furlough during the pandemic.

Yesterday he tried to bring Ms Truss’s campaign to heel by accusing her of “a major U-turn on the biggest issue currently facing the country” by pledging extra help during the cost-of-living crisis.

E, in a personal attack, his team said she had made another “serious moral and political misjudgement” a week after abandoning plans to pay regional civil servants less than those in Whitehall.

Ms Truss’s spokesman hit back: “Rishi Sunak wouldn’t know how people benefit from a tax cut because he has never cut a tax in his life.

“People didn’t vote Conservador to be subjected to old fashioned Gordon Brown-style politics of envy.

“Liz believes in people keeping more of their own money, not Rishi’s socialist tax and spend which will lead us to recession.”

Last night Mr Sunak came his closest yet to admitting defeat, telling the BBC he would rather lose than “win on a false promise”.